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Genealogy Tree is like a stable family tree in the MLM business. It is the backbone that connects committed members or ‘nodes.’ The entire success of network marketing company depends on the strength of the branches within the Genealogy Tree. The stronger the genealogy tree, the higher will be the continuous revenue generated

Genealogy Tree

How does the genealogy tree function?

A genealogy tree represents the hierarchy of an MLM company which survives only on the number of committed and active members. They are leafy branches contributing to the growth of the business. Without this function, it is difficult to sustain stable finances. Every MLM software plan requires this important module. It streamlines work pattern for the team

Every user can log in to their account using a login credential and can view the downline tree structure. The tooltip of the tree will give all information about the downline users. Using the tooltip, upline members can check how their downline members are performing within the genealogy tree structure.

In addition to this, the upline can expand the tree and check downlines whether they are adding the newly joined users placed in the right place.

    Adding this feature offers the following benefits.
  • All records of parent user and sponsor
  • Data of direct downlines of the user
  • Referrals of downlines
  • Ranking of each member in the hierarchy

There are software plans, namely Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, Generation, Single leg or Broad: all require a specific and relevant genealogy tree structure. A typical genealogy tree contains, data, graphs and calculation to monitor. However, with Prime MLM Software, the admin can visualize and access data through the software’s advanced capabilities. This feature has abundant strength to fulfil operational necessities.

Prime MLM software engineers can make customizations to the genealogy tree feature based on your specific requirements. Customized MLM Software is the hallmark of Prime MLM.