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The profile management feature, also known as membership profile management in networking marketing business gives the admin the power to decide the type of membership plan suitable for users. You can also decide whether to allow a user into the plan with or without rewards.

Profile Management

Profile Management – Features and Advantages

Profile management offers premium solutions to remain connected with the number of new users. It is essential to be updated with the new technologies that are being used by the new MLM companies. Take a look at the advantages you get with this feature offered by Prime MLM Software.

  • Each user gets a profile account, and earnings are enlisted
  • Referral or purchase earnings are depicted
  • Users can get other members also to join the company
  • Any registered user will get a direct or indirect bonus as per the plan

All users are allowed to come onboard with login and password. They have to maintain their accounts, profits and other earnings. A suitable profile picture is also assigned for identification.

The profile also contains details of payment address and withdraws. When the member logs into the account, he can check the referral bonus and the commission details. This feature provides transparency to the operations of the networking marketing company. Each user is also allowed to add new members, and there are no limits to new entries.

Prime MLM software offers signature features and tools for successful profile management. Our team will also provide technical support and free updates for a year.