What is Binary MLM Software?

Choosing the right binary MLM software is the most critical decision for any new MLM business that uses the binary MLM plan. With a decade’s experience helping MLM businesses with custom made network marketing software solutions, we can build the most function-rich binary MLM software for your business. We can help you save a lot of time and effort which otherwise would have gone into doing binary calculations.

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Why Do You Need the Binary MLM Software
That We Offer?

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By investing in the best MLM binary software you get a scalable solution that can adapt to the changing needs of your MLM business. With Prime, you can make feature additions and add-ons on the go without having to change the software vendor of your multi-level marketing company. We have talented in-house software experts who can integrate additional features to your existing MLM Software without making you break a sweat.

The automated platform created by a Binary MLM plan software offers ways to administer the expenditures, helps in lead generation and manages the networks of the binary plan to maximize the sales and improve the market growth of the MLM company. The software tracks activities and strategies in order to eliminate manual calculations in the Binary MLM plan, simplify compensation calculations, and execute flawless profit margins.

And of course, you can choose custom packages that we offer if you think that your MLM company requires a bespoke software solution to grow faster. Just ping us down in the live chat and our executives will walk you through the custom software packages.

Features of Our
Binary Network Marketing Software

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I’m committed to making you delighted by offering the best software solution that offers best-in-class features. Prime MLM provides you 24×7 live support in addition to unlimited customization options. We are committed to giving you 100% satisfaction for each penny spent. If you feel otherwise, please feel free to contact me. I can help until you are delighted with our software’s user experience.

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A Few Binary Compensation Plan
Configurations Within Our MLM Software

  • sponsor bonusSponsor Bonus
  • pairing bonusPairing Bonus

A sponsor bonus is a reward given to the members who recruit new downlines into your network marketing system. .This reward can be flat or it can be based on the package of the affiliates you recruit. MLM companies can predefine sponsor bonuses or they can be eligible based on packages of the affiliate and their own rewards.

The Pairing Bonus is allows the distributors to get paid for the sales of their direct–downline members. A qualified distributor gets the binary bonus to achieve a well-balanced MLM sales volume in both legs based on a set ratio of either 1:1 or 2:1. Prime can customize the pairing bonus to set the profit margin and time of payment (weekly, daily or monthly) depending on your requirements.

A matching Bonus is given to the sponsors for every new recruit that start getting bonuses. It pays both the downline member and the parent who sponsored them and the payment increases to n generations. Matching bonus can be customized with the type and amount of the bonus and can be paid in a flat or percentage basis as per company rules.

When someone joins your direct selling business, you can set a percentage of the money that has to be invested back to their bank account. This investment comes with an incentive — a return based on the MLM companies rules.

Prime offers solution that enables you to craft any business rule you like into the software.

  • matching bonus Matching Bonus
  • return of investmentReturn of Investment

How Does The Binary MLM

The Binary plan is considered as the simplest and most popular among MLM plans. Binary plan is a compensation plan structure where a distributor can sponsor two new members to his downline. As the name suggests, a binary structure has two members under a distributor called the strong leg and weak leg, also known as the right leg and left leg.

New members in the Binary MLM plan are positioned in the right and left subtree in the distributor downline to form the binary tree structure. Companies using binary structure in MLM industry pay binary commission or binary bonus based on the weaker leg.

The Binary compensation structure does not have a defined minimum sales volume, and the rewards are rendered in accordance with pre-defined sales volume. The increase in sales also yields the member upgradation to higher ranks in the binary plan structure.

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How Binary MLM Software Helps
Your MLM Business To Grow?

Our MLM binary software is totally incredible. Throughout the years, it has been constantly upgraded with terrific new features that enable businesses to go from good to great effortlessly.

All customizable features are tailor-made to help your MLM business become even more successful at making smart decisions to sustain growth. Our MLM plan software analyses market trends and incorporates customer behavior patterns to enhance business volume and to revamp the company from fewer business sales.

Benifits Of Our Binary MLM Software

administrative tool

Administrative Tool

Administrative tools are a set of elements dedicated to helping the administrator to control the MLM business. The admin has the authority to place or enhance rules required to manage the system efficiently. The admin can bring changes related to various sections of the MLM structure, such as role management, rank and sponsor configuration, Commission capping changes etc.

distributor tool

Distributor Tool

Distributor tools are created for distributors to analyze their performance through intelligent insights, reports on their activities and progress and evaluation reports for future reference. The tools enable distributors to manage activities, track progress and set sales goals for the business.

customizable compensation plan configuration

Customizable Compensation Plan Configuration

 Compensation plan configuration creates tailor-made MLM plans to match business requirements. With the compensation plan configuration method, one can configure a customized MLM compensation plan into the MLM Software.

customizable reward program configuration

Customizable Reward Program Configuration

MLM businesses can also create custom-defined reward programs to be included in their MLM system. The customizable reward program configuration allows organizations to configure custom rewards to their MLM compensation plan.

spilling preference

Spilling Preference

A stable payout plan in a binary compensation plan is defined by the binary spilling preference. Through the spilling preference function, the administrator of the MLM business can dictate preference.

holding tank

Holding Tank

The holding tank is where an admin can add members manually based on the qualities of different members. The manual placement is decided following the preferences set by the company.

auto balancing

Auto Balancing

The legs in the downlines are automatically filled according to to set rules to create a balance binary compensation system.

weak or strong leg filling preference

Weak Or Strong Leg Filling Preference

The admin can define preference to fill either of the legs in the system. The preference can be decided to increase benefits or balance the whole system.

right or left leg filling preference

Right Or Left Leg Filling Preference

The preference can also be set to favor the right or left leg. The admin can choose to manually fill the legs on either side of the system to balance the MLM plan tree.

change sponsor

Change Sponsor

With the change sponsor feature, the system admin can change the distributors’ sponsors with the whole network remaining intact. The feature enables the admin to bring more active members to the network and make a more driven business structure.

multiple payment menthod

Multiple Payment Methods

Multi payment options help configure multiple payment methods and applications to the Binary plan MLM Software. Hassle-free and clean transactions in the MLM network are achieved through integrating multiple payment methods in the MLM business.



Migration is a premium feature that supports complete migration services for an MLM business. The feature offers a clear and accurate shifting of the current software to a new and suitable platform. It also ensures that the transition process is easy and error-free.

multi-country tax setting

Multi Country Tax Setting

This feature offers configuration options for tax settings of multiple countries. With the option, the MLM software can add the tax settings of the home country or the country required by the MLM business.

shopping cart

Country Wise Shopping Cart

Country-wise shopping cart allows for adding country-based elements and features to the shopping cart. The shopping cart can be customized to match the features preferred by consumers in different regions.

hybrid binary mlm plan

Hybrid binary MLM software

Hybrid MLM software is a feature that allows the integration of another MLM compensation plan with a binary MLM plan. Customers can combine any MLM plan with the binary plan and create a custom compensation plan to enhance their business performance. A Hybrid Binary MLM system is a combination of Binary and Unilevel MLM plan, Binary and Matrix MLM plan, Binary and Monoline plan etc.

third party api integration

Third party api integration

An API integration facility is required to connect the MLM software with third-party applications. The feature allows seamless integration of external applications such as Woo commerce, Drupal, Gaming Platforms etc with MLM software to enhance the system’s performance.


Multi Wallet

Multi wallet option allows creation of multiple wallets such purchase wallet, E-wallet etc. Each wallet can be used to store various bonuses attained and later used to repurchase or exchange for vouchers etc.


Pay-out Compression

Payout compression allows organizations to establish maximum Compensation capping for the distributors. The capping system enables the company to balance the MLM tree structure and regulate excess cash flow as commissions and compensations.

training module

Training Module

The advanced training platforms offer newcomers the required training sessions. Admin can make changes and add or remove sessions as per requirements. Companies can do proper training management and progress tracking through such training modules.

crypto mlm software

Crypto MLM Software

The feature offers crypto-integrated binary MLM software to the users. Customers can integrate established cryptocurrencies or create a custom cryptocurrency to be used in the MLM business. Consumers can use the blockchain-based platform to promote and establish their cryptocurrency in the MLM industry.

compatible with different mlm industries

Compatible With Different MLM Industries

MLM businesses work in various fields such as Health and Wellness, E-commerce, Retail Products, Services etc. MLM software from prime is compatible with various MLM businesses and is designed to work efficiently with superior performance, irrespective of the niche.



SSO or Single sign – On forms allows users to use a single set of login credentials to access authentication into multiple applications. An SFO form integrated into an MLM software increases user experience and in-turn helps in increasing the business engagement and performance.

Ecommerce Integrated
MLM Software

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