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Binary Network Marketing Software

Prime MLM offers the best binary MLM software for MLM Businesses like yours that are looking for affordable MLM Web-based applications. Our binary MLM software can help you keep a tab on the binary incomeand expenditure of the downlines within your binary marketing system. Now you will have more time to expand your MLM business while our feature-rich Binary MLM Plan software takes the heavy load of manual effort.

Binary MLM Software Plan- Simplicity Meets Excellence

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The binary MLM plan, which is one of the most popular MLM compensation plans, started in the late 1980s. It is now one of the widely used compensation plans in the multi-level marketing industry. A robust binary compensation plan is an attractive option for both seasoned players and start-ups. If you are an MLM business owner looking to establish as an industry leader with your business that follows the Binary MLM plan, Prime MLM Software has a bespoke solution for you.

You have chosen one of the most reputed compensation plans in the multi-level marketing space. A majority of the top-notch successful MLM businesses credit the binary marketing system for success. With your Binary MLM plan powered by Prime MLM Software, you accelerate the success rate of your MLM business.

Our MLM Software has innovative technologies that help you with flawless execution. We aim to help you and your users with the best MLM Software experience that the binary compensation plan deserves. The focus of Prime MLM Software is to help you generate revenue on an auto-pilot mode in the shortest span.

You are one step away from trying the version 2.0 release of Prime MLM Software. Just click on the free demo button, fill the form, and submit or talk to our live chat support. We will share the free demo links to your mail within 15 minutes

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How Does Binary Marketing System works in Network Marketing?

As recruits get on-boarded, this opens up a vast opportunity to earn more substantial profits and enjoy higher bonuses. A binary compensation plan is set up to add more sales to the downline members who benefit from the increasing number of recruits.

With Binary MLM strategy in place, you would be sure that pay-outs are distributed based on activity. This will help you create an “equality” oriented approach that rewards collaboration, innovation, and hones a winning attitude, a much sought after trait in the MLM business. This plan creates an organization where those who actively recruit and sell, earn higher profits, thus bringing in excellent opportunities for business.

Multi-level marketing is all about thinking differently to recruit, sell, and bring in business. Binary marketing system offers commissions not based on levels, but rather on MLM business volumes. This motivates the team to build a sustainable binary MLM strategy that keeps collaboration and of course, revenues at the forefront. The binary compensation plan empowers the business with better decision-making, and our software enables you to reap the benefits of a bespoke plan.

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Features Offered by Prime MLM Software

Binary MLM Software Plan offered by us has an unwavering focus on providing the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Our Binary Network Marketing Software offers a wide range of enterprise features to enable businesses effortlessly go from good to great. All our features are custom-made to help MLM businesses hone their business decision capability to create sustained business success.

Binary Compensation: A Deep Dive

Binary MLM plan allows sponsors to acquire two new distributors. Each member can recruit and sponsor two other members to join the plan. The right leg is known as “profit leg”, and the left is the “power leg.” If and when sponsors recruit more than two new members, then the new member gets added to the next available member’s power leg.

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This is an efficient method enabling the new member to be shared between all downline power leg, regardless of the actual sponsor. With this “spillover”, the profits derived thus get shared by the already existing team in the power leg. The spillover creates a collaborative environment where members coexist and enjoy the fruits of shared benefits, as new members get added over time. This logic inspires and encourages new affiliates. In addition to this, the Binary Plan does not hamper the potential to earn a profit. This makes Binary MLM Plan a go-to choice for many in the MLM industry.

For example, Suppose A is a user in the binary marketing system, and he recruits C to the left leg. In this case, A earns 100 points in his left from C. A again recruits another user B to his right leg and earns 200 points. Binary plan calculation of the commission will be based on the weak side, which in this case is the left leg that holds 100 points. In such cases, ten percentage (binary plan calculations are done based on 10% point) of 100 will be calculated as the binary commission, and the points earned on the right side will get carry forward to the next binary commission. With our Binary Network Marketing Software, managing your MLM business becomes much easier.

Being Enablers

This type of compensation plan offers the potential to expand the network rapidly. It is one that creates a flexible organizational structure that enables fast-paced growth and profits. These features make it an excellent option for all multi-level marketing businesses, especially those looking to quickly and effectively establish themselves in new territories in a short burst of time.

Our feature-rich Binary Network Marketing Software, with a tailor-made binary compensation plan, makes it easier for you to manage complex binary plan commission calculation. Prime MLM Software empowers you with substantial pay-outs, creating a space defined by shared benefits.

Are you looking at growing your MLM business in a short period of time? Your top priority should be to build a collaborative learning environment, with a focus on profit, agility, innovativeness, and shared benefits. We have put all this into perspective for you while designing the Binary Plan MLM Software.

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A Few Compensation Configurations within Binary Network Marketing Software

Sponsor Bonus

  • A sponsor bonus is given to the members who recruit the new downlines into your network marketing system.
  • A sponsor bonus can be given flat or percentage.
  • The company can predefine sponsor Bonus. Or it can be based on the joiner’s package or sponsor package.

Pairing Bonus

  • A qualified distributor gets the Bonus paid to achieve a well-balanced MLM sales volume in both his/her legs based on a pre-set ratio.
  • Most widely used pairing ratios are 1:1 and 2:1
  • Binary capping is used in Binary Bonus
  • Capping can be weekly, daily or monthly or it can be based on criteria set by the company
  • Prime MLM Software can customize the pairing bonus up to any extent, depending on your requirements.

Matching Bonus

  • Matching bonus is given to the sponsors when their down line members start getting bonus .
  • Matching bonus can be either given on flat or percentage basis.
  • Matching bonus is given based on rank or pre-set criteria. This greatly depends upon each compensation plan and Prime MLM software is capable for adding new rule and customize the bonus based on your business goals.
  • Prime MLM Software is able to integrate any custom bonus into the binary marketing system whatever be your bonus requirement.

Return of Investment

  • The user will receive percentage of amount they invested in the binary MLM business plan
  • Investment returns are given based on the business rules of each compensation plans. Prime MLM Software is capable of integrating any business rule into the system based on your requirement.

Features Of Binary Network Marketing Software

Binary Plan Calculator

First Case Binary Plan Commission Calculation
Consider a User A

User A can Recruit Two users one is in his left and the other in his right

User in the left of A is User B, and the one on the Right of A is User C.

In this case, both User B and User C brought 100 BV products

Now the left MLM binary tree of A contains 100 BV (MLM Business Volume), and the right binary tree of A also has 100 BV.

So the matching happens in the MLM binary tree for will be 100 BV and A will earns ten USD (calculation is done based on 10 % of BV)

So, now the BV in the left and right of A is flushed out. The left and right of A now become 0 because both sides contain only 100 BV and pairing happens for 100 BV.

Second case

Now user B starts recruiting

User B recruits two user E and F.

User E is on the right side of B and User F on the left side of B .

E and F are placed on the left side of user A because user B is in the left leg of A.

Here the user E brought 200 BV package, and the user F brought 300 BV package.

Now, the right side of B contains 200 BV, and left side B contains 300 BV.

Pairing happens for B, which means the BV value of the week leg is taken for the matching, resulting in a 10% commission of 200 USD = 20 USD (calculation is done based on 10 % of BV). BV will be flushed out, and the remaining BV will carry forward for the next binary commission.

Now the right side of B contains 0 BV, and the left side of B has 100 BV as a result of the carry forwarding that happened because of an earlier pairing of 200 BV.

Now the User A has 500 BV in his left. In the second case, user A will not earn anything because the right of A contains only 0 BV. The left of A will contain 500 until pairing happens.

Third Case

Now User C recruits two users. Welcome User H and User J

User H in the right side and User J on the left side, so both falls on the right side of User A. Both Users brought 100 BV products. Now, the left of User C contains 100 BV, and the right of User C also contains 100 BV.

When pairing happens for User C, both 100 gets matched, and User C earns 10 % of 100 BV as a binary income commission (calculation is based on 10 % of BV), and the BV of User C flushed out and left, and right of User C becomes 0.

In this case, User A will earns a binary income of 100 BV on his right side.

Now pairing happens for A because he has already earned a binary income 500 BV from user B in his left and now 100 BV on his right from User C.

When pairing happens for A, he will get 10% of week leg as commission

that means 10 % of 100 BV which is 10 USD (calculation is based on 10 % of BV) and the BV of User A flushed out, so the right side of A contains 0 BV, and the left side of A contains 400 BV because the pairing happens only for 100 BV.

So the total commission earned By user A is 10 + 10 = 20 USD

Binary MLM Software FAQ

  • Yes. Prime MLM Software provides users option to customize the Binary MLM Software. You can customize our Binary Software features and compensation plans based on the requirements of your MLM Business.

  • Yes. Prime MLM supports multi-currency for all MLM software plans. We have made your purchase, sales, and accounting functions easy with our Binary MLM software plan.

  • Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Our Binary software supports multiple languages. All that you have to choose are the languages you require from our dashboard. You are ready to go.

  • Yes. Prime MLM has incorporated both international and local taxation plans so that you don’t have to worry about the cuts and deductions.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports e-commerce integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports payment gateway integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports cryptocurrency integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software we will provide training on how to use MLM Software Effectively .

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports security features like Google authentication, Google Captcha, email authentication, etc.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports daily backup system.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Binary MLM Software supports user migration.

  • The pricing of Binary MLM Software is based on your customization requirements. We can offer completely customizable software that is tailored for your MLM business. However, the basic price of Binary MLM Software is $750.

  • Yes, we will customize and add a new business rule into our Binary MLM Software based on the customer requirement. We have tried to incorporate all advanced features into the software out of the box. Still, if you think a few additional features can add value to your MLM business, we can help you add it.

  • Yes, we will provide Unilevel + Binary MLM Software, Matrix + Binary MLM Software, and Generation + Binary MLM Software. You don’t have to worry, we got you covered with hybrid MLM software solutions.