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experience you can trust

Experience You Can Trust

Our crew of over 50 expert MLM Software professionals have what it takes to kick-start your MLM path.

global support

Global Support

Never feel lost in translation. We’re here for you 24/7, in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

customizable solutions

Customizable Solutions

 Our experts make mlm compensation plans just for you, making sure it’s the right choice for your MLM business.

compensation plan experts

Compensation Plan Experts

Use our 25+ years of expertise in the MLM business industry. We offer a free consultation to craft the perfect MLM compensation plan for your business vision.

unmatched quality

Unmatched Quality

Prime MLM Software as an MLM company is all about details and making sure everything works just right for you direct selling business.


Seamless Migration

Moving from another MLM software? Upgrade with ease. Our migration services make it easy to switch over for MLM companies already involved in another Network marketing software


One-Time Payment

Enjoy the convenience of a one-time payment, Pay just once, forget about ongoing fees.

scalable solutions

Scalable Solutions

We cater to mlm companies of all sizes, from small startup’s to large enterprices

advanced customization

Advanced Customization

Our exceptional developers make Add-on’s, tools and integrations, making your MLM software even better

collaborative development

Collaborative Development

Test and contribute to your mlm software’s development. We upload early versions on a demo server for updates and take your feedback.

All-in-One MLM Software Manage Every MLM Plan with Ease!

Prime MLM Software Craft bespoke MLM Software solutions packed with industry-leading features, designed to fit your unique needs perfectly. We’re not just some random MLM software developers – we’re MLM software experts who are passionate about taking your multi-level marketing business to greater heights.

Our open-source MLM software is designed to be adaptable, filling a wide range of MLM niches. It simplifies tasks and accelerates progress, helping you reach your goals faster.

But we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. That’s why we offer a wide range of add-ons and customization options to create a bespoke MLM software experience to suit your unique needs.

Binary Plan
Matrix Plan
Unilevel Plan
Board Plan

Binary Plan

Binary MLM Software

Renowned for its simplicity, the Binary Plan introduces joiners into a Binary Tree structure that expands with the addition of new customers on the left and right subtrees.

binary MLM plan software

Matrix Plan

Matrix MLM Software

Also known as Forced Matrix or Ladder Plan, it adopts a pyramidal structure based on a fixed number of rows and columns.

matrix mlm Plan software

Unilevel Plan

Unilevel MLM Software

Unlock the power of our Unilevel MLM Software, ideal for MLM businesses aiming to maximize earnings for top-level distributors. This plan enables the sponsorship of unlimited distributors on the frontline without any width limitations.

unilevel mlm plan software

Board Plan

Board Plan MLM Software

Experience the potency of our Board MLM Software, also known as the 2X2 Matrix Cycle. This dynamic solution offers a distinctive structure designed to maximize benefits derived from the collective efforts of board members. The plan unlocks the potential of multiple matrix boards, providing unlimited income opportunities and the flexibility to rejoin as needed.

board MLM plan software

What Makes Us Unique?

As a leader in MLM software innovation, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions that empower your multi-level marketing business. Our passionate team of experts develops cutting-edge network marketing software designed to not only help your business survive but also thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Every MLM software solution we develop undergoes rigorous testing, and careful scrutiny to ensure that the MLM company gets the most out of it. Our direct selling software solutions are built to be secure and user-friendly, providing a seamless experience for you and your distributors.

Mobile Friendly
Integrated Developer API’s
Customizable Web Design
Real-Time Genealogies
Commission/ Bonus Calculations
Auto Ship And Shopping Carts
Multiple Payment Platforms
Muti Country, Language And Currency Settings
E-wallet/Commission Platforms
Replicated Websites


We prioritize the security of your customers’ information. Our Network marketing software combines the latest security features including SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliance to protect sensitive data such as credit cards as well as personal information

  • IP blocking
  • Denial service
  • Database encryption
  • Password encryption
  • Database backup


Speed isn’t a bonus, it’s a necessity. Prime MLM Software delivers a lightning-speed user experience, allowing you and your customers to travel smoothly.



As your business grows, the Direct selling software from Prime changes with ease. Our software efficiently meets your expanding needs, allowing you to focus on scaling your network.


Mobile Friendly

Today’s work is mobile. Prime MLM Software’s intuitive interface is optimized for smart-phones and tablets, allowing new users to navigate effortlessly and users to interact with customers on the go.

mobile friendly

Integrated Developer API’s

Prime MLM Software integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Hubspot, as well as custom software. This flexibility empowers you to simplify workflows, automate tasks, and focus on your activities.

integrated developer api

Customizable Web Design

Stand out from the crowd! Our Network marketing software offers many customization options, including pre-designed themes and the ability to create unique designs that reflect your brand identity.

customizable web design

Real-Time Genealogies

Get a clear picture of your network’s health with Prime’s multilevel marketing Software through it’s real-time pedigree monitoring. Monitor distributor activity, identify inactive members and provide them with the support they need to succeed.

real time genealogies

Commission/ Bonus Calculations

Ditch the spreadsheet! Prime automates accounting for commissions and bonuses, ensuring accuracy and freeing you up to focus on strategic initiatives.

bonus calculations

Auto Ship And Shopping Carts

shopping carts

Prime MLM Software simplifies customer experience with easy-to-use shopping carts and auto-ship products. Customers can enjoy repeat orders without ever missing a beat, while you benefit from automated commission tracking and easy order processing.

Multiple Payment Platforms

payment platforms

Stay ahead of the curve with a payment system that is as dynamic as your business. Prime MLM software integrates seamlessly with several popular payment gateways, from credit cards and PayPal to the latest digital wallets. This flexibility empowers your distributor to effortlessly compare sales, regardless of the methods their customers prefer to pay.

Muti Country, Language And Currency Settings

currency settings

Expand your network marketing reach across borders. Prime MLM Software supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to move effortlessly into new markets without worrying about complicated currency conversions or language barriers.

E-wallet/Commission Platforms


Embrace the future of payments. Together, Prime and e-wallet platforms provide distributors with an easy and secure way to earn commissions.

Replicated Websites

replicated websites

Empower distributors with winning tools. Our Network marketing software’s replicated website system allows you to create custom websites for each distributor, complete with their unique referral ID, branding elements and content tailored to their audience.

Our Add-On Features

Manage your MLM empire from anywhere with our industry leading MLM software. We have carefully crafted a comprehensive network marketing software designed to not only meet, but exceed the demanding needs of your modern MLM business. Our powerful MLM software empowers you to access every part of your network from streamlined onboarding and commission calculations to real-time performance tracking and engaging marketing tools.

multi vendor


Managing multiple vendors is a breeze in our software. Effortlessly create and track vendor profiles, allowing you to offer a variety of products or services with ease

multi store


Effortlessly manage profits, margins and overall success across multiple stores with our centralized system. Our advanced software empowers you to manage and analyze data with ease, giving you a clear view of all your activities.

mlm website

Static MLM Website

Stand out from the crowd with a fully customizable static MLM website. Complete with a unique URL, this platform allows you to present your brand and products in an elegant and sophisticated way.

payment gateway

Payment Methods

Our system integrates with popular payment gateways to provide a smooth checkout experience for traditional alternatives such as credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, and even cash or savings accounts transfer when sent.

payment method

Support Staff

Our highly skilled support team is dedicated to winning. We provide quick issue resolution and exceptional service, ensuring a positive user experience.

custom themes


Build stronger customer relationships with our integrated CRM system. Manage deals, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’t hesitate to try the premium version of Prime MLM Software.You are covered under PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

MLM Services

MLM migration

Is your current network marketing software holding you back?

An MLM migration could be the key to unlocking new growth potential for mlm companies. We specialize in providing assistance to businesses that wish to move smoothly from one MLM software to another platform more fitting with their current needs and targets. Stop using obsolete direct selling software that limits your possibilities and let us accompany you through a prosperous MLM migration process for your network marketing business!

MLM Consulting

Boost Your Multi-Level Marketing Business with Expert Guidance!

Look for consultants who know all about the MLM industry and are proven performers. Ask past clients, talk about their experience, and confirm that their approach meshes with your organization’s objectives and ideals. In this rapidly changing world of multi-level marketing, by hiring a qualified consultant you can unlock your full potential and achieve long-term success.

MLM Calculator

Tired of deciphering complex MLM compensation plans?

Unveil the real potential behind your journey through network marketing with our comprehensive range of calculators for MLM business. It is far beyond a mere calculator, but rather an instrument allowing informed thinking on engagement in network marketing schemes. Unfold Different MLM Structures, Calculate Your Commissions and Estimate Long-Term Earnings.

E-commerce MLM

Struggling to Scale Your E-commerce MLM Business?

Empower your business with a seamless shopping experience. We offer an integrated, scalable web-based online shopping cart solution that scales with you. Our user-friendly platform is easy to learn and manage, empowering you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

100%Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we provide you with the utmost assurance: a guaranteed satisfaction of 100%. We firmly believe that your triumph is synonymous with ours, which is why we exhaust every effort in offering tailored and extraordinary solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Rest assured, our dedication to your contentment remains unwavering, and we are always here to support you on your path to success. Embark on a transformative journey with Prime MLM Software today and unlock limitless possibilities for your MLM business!

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