MMM Global Plan – A Two-Step Process to Helping Each Other

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Networking is not merely for sales but also for marketing. It is often essential to helping members to remain connected. Reaching out to each other when funds are scarce keeps the relationship versatile. How can people support each other in an organized and efficient manner? Is there a system that can maintain records of gifts, cash donations, and requests that come from charitable institutions? Yes, multi-level marketing offers the exclusive MMM Global Plan that caters explicitly to providing and getting help. It saves every member when the times are not auspicious.

Prime MLM Software offers the executive MMM Global Plan that works in 2 fundamental steps. It is ideal for catering to requests beyond geographical boundaries. The plan fetches incomes in the most beneficial manner due to its functionality. Once you recognize its legitimacy, we can customize it for your network. Our experts offer a thorough knowledge of its empowering features through demos on appointment. Follow the information below to explore the system and adhere to its protocol and its best practices. Eliminate the confusion and appreciate why installing this software plan is a sensible decision.

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The functionality of the MMM Global Plan

The core functionality is based on two authenticated factors – Provide Help and Get Help. It is a web-based application adaptable to any operating system. Along with the provision of supporting each other, you can keep a track record of the income and expenditure of the members. Many companies and service providers refer to it as a Gift or Donation Plan. Why? Frequently gifts are given to deserving members for their contribution to the business. Hence when the chips are down, they can avail of this plan’s functions to get cash. The current trends of crowdfunding make this plan successful for enrolled members. It has simple and easy-to-use features. Companies with active CSR projects invest in this plan as a productive investment. It promotes networking agility for charitable purposes.

MMM Global Plan Software

Why You Need Prime MLM Software?

Prime MLM Software offers a bouquet of benefits in this plan. Your company’s CSR activities and charitable deeds deserve a power-packed solution for active members. This is a one-time necessary investment that can improve the way your network operates.

How the MMM Global Plan works

MMM Global Plan is a classic example of members reaching out to each other. MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox. Once the software is installed, it works in the following manner:

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Provide Help – the system requests for ‘gifting’ or ‘cash’ donations. A fixed fund transfer is initiated by the user. A push notification is generated for the aids to be given. Once all the details are filled, the transaction is processed. The user who provides help is assured a Mavro of 33%. A ‘Mavro’ is a counting unit which measures the amount of help a user provides for other members. The admin supervises the ‘Mavro unit’ which is agreed by others. It begins measuring between 1-3.33% and matching with the total growth rate. The program is automated to create requests which are in the queue. The plan works on the concept of 1st commitment and then transfer. A statement of proof showing the donation is uploaded.

Get Help – The donation is provided to the person required. Members who provide help or contribute funds are eligible to avail of this facility. The person receiving the funds makes a note of the ones providing assistance for subsequent reference and aid. The beneficiary receives the amount directly, and the system is not involved. If someone has already provided the aid within the gambit of the plan, they can ask for and get help. The procedure is straightforward. The member has to generate an appeal for support with a submission form. The admin makes this request live for others to know. The person willing to make the donation is matched with it. When the transaction exchanged hands, then the person has to update the status for the admin and rest of the group.

Compensations associated with MMM Global Plan

There are in all six ways compensations are made in this system. They are bonuses with reference to:

  • Sponsor /Speed
  • Social Share –done with a ‘happiness letter.’
  • Guider
  • Register
  • Referral
  • Bitcoin
MMM Global Plan

Features Of MMM GLOBAL MLM Software