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Reports need to be generated for any commercial activity. In MLM business it is an integral part as it is important to understand the overall performance of various departments. Successful direct marketing businesses create valuable reports and we assist in their growth.


MLM Reports Provided by Prime MLM Software

Reports should be created in a well-organized manner to help different departments to function. Once you use Prime MLM software approach to this system, the information will help to make educated choices.

    Let’s give you a tour of what to expect:
  • Admins have full access to reports
  • Member access is restricted
  • Distributors have specific access from the backhand office
  • A separate report is created for insights and further expansions
  • The feature also includes a commission history
  • Salespeople and downlines can also get reports
  • The reports are made in formats that can be downloadable
  • Admin can change security settings
  • Different reports
  • Joining report
  • Sales report
  • Membership renewal report
  • Member wallet balance report
  • Verified users report
  • Commission report // Add all this report
  • Payout report
  • Payout pending report
  • Business overview report
  • Income vs expenditure report
  • Repurchase Report