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The MLM activity tracker is one of the best technology integrated into Prime MLM software. The main objective of this feature is to track commissions and other important activities done by remote members. It provides several capabilities to run the business smoothly.

MLM Activity tracker

Enabled tracking system

MLM activity tracker is a tool that works as a virtual accountant and also a project manager at the same time. Check out the features offered by an activity tracker to manage your MLM business efficiently.

  • Update information about the growth, goals and members in the company
  • Provides accurate data of sales processes, leads and probable commissions
  • Multiple levels of earnings projections and tracking
  • The convenience of allowing the distributors to set proper targets to accomplish
  • A track record of new recruiters
  • Keeps record of affiliate marketing members
  • A dashboard of performance management
  • A company can calculate cost per lead and cost per action
  • Referrals and payout history
  • Determine your strategy every month to move up the competition

It is very critical to be organized in a competitive market. This is like a useful BI tool that can run the operations effectively. Customize the above features with the chosen MLM plan for your organization.

When you choose the Prime MLM Software to prepare your activity tracker to ask for flexible solutions, you also get hands-free tools to run your MLM business on autopilot. Add this MLM activity tracker system to your main software package to build a robust direct marketing business. If you are into direct selling of FMCG products, this tracking function is essential.