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A graphical representation is essential to help everyone visualize the functions of specific features of an MLM plan. For example, the genealogy tree is represented as a ‘tree with branches’ for the benefit of recruits. They understand quickly how the business works.

Graphical Representation

Importance of Graphical Representation

A graphical representation is a built-in feature of Prime MLM Software that allows network marketing businesses to decipher the data easily. Just as the family tree is made, the same formula works visually for the members to remain connected with their upline.

Prime MLM Software has enabled incomes vs commission graph, monthly joining graph and payout graph to make a visual representation of your MLM business as useful as possible.

Take a look at this sample of a graphical representation for an MLM software plan.

    Typical features
  • The sponsor is the ‘head’ of the family
  • The distributors/constitute the downline
  • Upline members come above the new recruits
  • The tree can be updated as more members’ come
  • Different plans have different representation graphs
  • Features also differ according to the client requirement
  • Each genealogy tree has a fixed structure.

The graphs are self-explanatory with minimal clarification to the users, and we want all MLM business owners to make it easy for their members to understand what’s going on under the hood.

Prime MLM software has an experienced design team that captures the core data of your networking business. The graphics representation is aligned with the brief of the company. Contact us today for your specific mm plan and customize the visuals to meet the objectives and goals of the company.