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A downline list is ideal feature is a boon for business owners who are starting MLM company. It is now possible to construct a tailor-made program revolving around core business activities.

MLM Downline List

Features of Downline List

Our downline list has an array of wonderful features listed below. All options are licensed for security purposes. In addition to the below tools, you can ask Prime MLM software to add or remove some more features in your downline list.

  • Downline list shows all down lines of the logged in users
  • You can search and find each user and their downlines
  • Displays users rank, current package of the system and position in the tree and the upline sponsor
  • Shows left right down lines separately if the plan is Binary
  • You can also create the excel sheet and print the downline list if needed

It is important to manage the downline for any MLM company. There are plenty of digital solutions provided in a feature-rich MLM software like Prime MLM. Most companies in successful MLM operations install these features.

Downline list is an important tool that supports budget management, templates for member usage and tracking expenses. It is easy to use and ensure that all members below are actively engaged in making the business move forward. Depending on your needs, custom features can be created.

Prime MLM software is dedicated to creating more features in the downline list modules. Request for a free demo to avail the opportunity. We understand your business needs and work intuitively around the brief.