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A multi-currency feature is now an integral part of any MLM software. As the number of networking businesses increase worldwide, the need to convert profits into local denominations is valued. Increase your purchase and financial power by adding this feature.


More power to accounting

In the international market, the power to convert money in different currencies is crucial. As many people are expanding their companies to other countries, a multi-currency feature in MLM plan is required. In fact, for most such online companies that do e-commerce, it offers more power to their ability to do accounting. The currency rates fluctuate and conversions have to be accurate. Adapting to domestic financial methods helps to do business better. To get more traffic to your e-commerce portal and let people buy in the national currency increases chances of loyal customers. It is also a good way for networking companies to get more leads and fresh members.

Many MLM plans are designed to accommodate global conversions of money. Would it not be professional to have a clear dashboard of earnings for each member? We create a system where the multi-currency feature works for the client. It helps to understand the loss or profit depending on the exchange rate.

  • Calculations are easy in local money with different APIs.
  • Conversion rate of everyday in the international market is depicted.
  • Members and new users can check fluctuating rates in real time.
  • Transactions in preferred currency is always appreciated by buyers and sellers. y
  • Prime MLM software is designed to add this feature on the top for all international trading houses.
  • Embedded multi-currency feature is far more easy tool to use.
  • Easy for everyone to convert foreign to domestic money.
  • Prime MLM software engineers add leading currencies like:
  • US Dollar
  • Indian Rupees
  • Euro
  • Franc
  • Pound Sterling
  • Japanese Yen
  • Swiss Franc