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Unilevel Marketing Software

Are you looking for the best Unilevel MLM Software for your burgeoning MLM Business? Prime MLM can offer you the most feature-rich Unilevel MLM Software that can skyrocket your MLM business's growth. We offer you a futuristic Unilevel MLM software that can take away a substantial load of manual effort from your shoulders. In fact, you can now keep track of the cash flow and expenditure of downlines in your Unilevel pay planon an easy to use dashboard. It's time to take your MLM business to the next level, and our web-based Unilevel MLM Software will act as a catalyst to accelerate your transition as the best MLM company that uses unlevel plan network marketing.

Unilevel Compensation Plan Software – Opening Doors to an Infinite Profit System

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Marketing has become a sophisticated beast for global enterprises to combat rivalry and sustain a healthy financial balance sheet. Over the years,’ multi-level marketing has become popular among marketing professionals. As business now takes place on the digital platform, several MLM software-based Plans have come into existence. Its implementation is primarily targeted to achieve income goals, revenue generation, and sustainable business models. The Unilevel Plan is one such automated system. It offers a suite of beneficial features and tools that propels the financial goals for a company.

Trendsetting MLM software such as Prime MLM has replaced traditional methodology and systems to enable Unilevel Plan to expand. Prime MLM Software is geared to become a topnotch service provider in the market with its range of benefits associated with this web-based application. The Prime MLM Unilevel Plan software, designed by experts, is customizable for any sector or an individual company. It is a comprehensive package that supports business for diverse clients very successfully.

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I’m committed to making you delighted by offering the best Unilevel MLM Software that offers best-in-class features. Prime MLM provides you 24×7 live support in addition to unlimited customization options.

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Unilevel Plan functional structure

This Plan operates with a single downline concept which global marketers are well-acquainted. The system allows a member to add one potential referral to do business, hence the term ‘Uni’level Plan. It works in a single drop format. Unlimited downlines are permitted to be added by the primary sponsor. There is no spillover in this Plan as the business multiplies or scales with more additions. Every person becomes the frontline as there is no bifurcation. This system is ideal for SMEs networking business and conveniences product sales in different categories. Even large enterprises choose this structure which fine-tunes the features adding to the sophisticated software capabilities. The method is ideal for strengthening your networking as you can exercise direct control over the distribution line. The software regulates income from the downlines in an error-free manner.

Unilevel Marketing Software

Advantages of Prime Unilevel Marketing Software

Our experts enable the forecast of income projections with the advanced Unilevel Marketing software. Try our calculator or request for a demo version to grasp how you can offer the advantage to your core sales team. Three bonus features, namely sponsor, fast start, and level add stability to the profitability. Ask for a customized package design for your company. Our clients have reacted positively for the user-friendly interface and scalability of the Unilevel MLM Software. The web-based application works smoothly on any operating system being used by you.

If you wish to accelerate your business in measured timelines, choose our expertise partnership for the best Unilevel compensation plan solution.

How to Make Unilevel MLM Plan work successfully for you

The singular nature of the Unilevel Plan allows sub-distributors to activate their network to make sales. There is no limitation, and the downline grows successfully. Additionally, the standard Plan works on the payout for the compensation between 4 to 10 levels. The Unilevel compensation plan allows the first salesperson to benefit from the fewest effort, which involves his downline. A dividend bonus is offered from the business volume from each individual.

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Unilevel Marketing Software offered by Prime MLM has been designed to manage the Unilevel MLM plan accurately. For many businesses, transparency and real-time results add to the overall benefits of this application. The essential factors that make our Unilevel Marketing Software work for you are:

  • Regulation of the payment
  • It accepts a minimal pay for the volume of members
  • A monthly calculator defines the payments and compensations to each downline
  • The software will indicate the sales volumes and associate members
  • The stability offers an online expansion of business
  • Bonuses add to the motivation of the downlines to perform better
  • When distributors achieve the targets fast bonus works
  • Level commissions add to the profitability figures

The benefits are extended to rank advancement dividend, leadership advantage pool, and coded gratuity. MLM companies have different policies to keep the members active. Users can calculate, project, and visualize the profit and loss through the other features offered by our Unilevel MLM Software.

Few Compensation Configuration In Unlevel MLM Software

Direct referral bonus

  • A referral bonus is given to the members who recruit the new downlines into your network marketing system.
  • A referral bonus can be given flat or percentage.
  • The company can predefine referral bonus. Or it can be based on the joiner’s package or sponsor package.

Matching Bonus

  • A distributor bonus received when the downline member achieves any bonus.
  • Prime MLM Software is capable of customizing the matching bonus based on the business rule set by the MLM Company.

Fast Start Bonus

  • The bonus received when the user or distributor meets some criteria within a certain period of time.
  • The amount that is predefined by the MLM company is given as a fast-start bonus.
  • The criteria for this bonus depends on the different compensation plans. Prime MLM Software is capable of providing bespoke bonus solutions and can help you integrate new bonuses into the MLM system.

Rank Advancement Bonus

  • This bonus is received when a user achieves higher ranks. New ranks depend upon the business rule set by each MLM company.
  • Prime MLM Software is capable of integrating any business rule, and we can help you customize the rank advancement based on your requirements.

Pool Bonus

  • A percentage of the total turnover of the company is given as a pool bonus.
  • Pool bonuses can be given as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly bonuses. However, this depends on the business rule of each MLM company.
  • A pool bonus is also given based on the rank, and there may be different criteria to give a pool bonus. This depends on the compensation plans of each company .
  • Prime MLM Software can do customization of pool bonus and also, we can help you integrate new rules into this bonus.

Level commission

  • The level commission is based on the sales achieved by the downlines.
  • The level up to which the user earns commission depends on each compensation plan. That said, Prime MLM Software is capable of configuring it for your MLM business.
  • There are different criteria to get the level commission, and it depends on the business rule of each company
  • Prime MLM Software is capable of integrating any business rule into the bonus and can do customization up to any extent

Features Of Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel Sponsor Tree

The entire downline members’ list is accessible for the Admin in a tree view, and each node can be expanded to know the details.


Our Ewallet offers a secure platform for contactless payments and mobile wallets. It safely stores monetary details for seamless management of your business.

Support System

A meticulous support system with tickets which has auto responder options and ticket options for all commission, payout, e-pin and e-wallet related queries.

Advanced distributor engagement tools

Advanced distributor engagement tools provide modern amenities to enhance vendor interaction through research and analysis. This process helps your businesses to make decisions accordingly.

Multilingual Dashboard

We provide an Inbuilt Multilingual dashboard, which helps in personalizing your dashboard with your chosen language. With our System, your dashboard can also be incorporated with a new language of your requirement and option to select you’r own language

News Management System

Prime MLM Software extends a system that apprises the users about important news regularly. The System keeps users updated about Information on the bonus system, coupon code, new launches, etc.The admin have the option to add edit and delete the news

Genealogy Tree

The Genealogy tree gives a detailed insight into User details, sponsor details, direct downlines, referral downlines, ranks, etc. This detailed working profile gives deeper comprehension into the Business.

Profile Management

Our Profile management system, with its advanced features, efficiently manages and delivers user profile info. It includes all the details of the operations, such as payments, withdraws, commission details, etc.

Downline List

Our MLM System compiles a complete Downline list of users with ranks, sponsor list, position, etc. The tool includes expense tracking, rank tracking, current packages, a list of templates, etc., for effortless usage.

More Features Of Unilevel MLM Software

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