What is Unilevel MLM Software?

Our Unilevel MLM Software can manage important financial calculations including commissions and bonuses under one dashboard, that too, real time. With the right software solution, your unilevel network marketing business can now grow faster. We have added all the must-have features and if you require more, our team can integrate it for you at minimal cost and time. Let our software take over tedious tasks while you focus on the big picture, and watch your MLM business grow.

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Benefits of Our Unilevel MLM Software

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With our Unilevel MLM software, you can track the cash flow and expenditures of your downlines on an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s great for businesses that use unilevel pay plans. You can move up the ranks as a leader in the MLM industry with fully-featured, cloud-based MLM Software that will ignite growth for your business.

The Unilevel MLM plan is designed for financial success. It is a turnkey solution that will propel your business forward. Here are the benefits offered by Prime MLM Software:

  • Our Unilevel MLM Software offers a suite of features and functionality that align with your revenue and income goals.

  • Prime MLM has broken the traditional methodology and system to unleash unlimited potential

  • 100% customizable for MLM businesses of any type and size.

  • We can help you make better decisions with important data made available within the main dashboard.

  • Built using in-vogue technology, you get the best software that can live up to the expectations of your business.

  • Manage the downlines using our easy to use genealogy and network tools that can remove the clutter by using our advanced filtering system.

Don’t hesitate! You are one step away from trying the latest version of our Unilevel MLM Software. Just click on the free demo button, fill the form, and submit or talk to our live chat support. The demo link will be sent to your email inbox within 15 minutes.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m committed to making you delighted by offering the best Unilevel MLM Software that offers best-in-class features. Prime MLM provides you 24×7 live support in addition to unlimited customization options.

We are committed to giving you 100% satisfaction for each penny spent. If you feel otherwise, please feel free to contact me. I can help until you are delighted with our software experience.

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Don’t hesitate to try the premium version of Unilevel MLM Software. You are covered under PayPal’s Buyer Protection.


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How Unilevel Compensation Plan Structure Works

Unilevel is a very popular compensation structure for MLM companies. This structure allows a distributor to build a business by adding members one at a time. This model works in a “one-two” drop format.

Distributors can add as many members as they wish, building an unlimited amount of downlines. Though structurally similar, a unilevel network differs from a matrix or binary network (the difference lies in how levels are structured).

Unilevel Marketing Software

There is no spillover in Unilevel Compensation Plan. The business multiplies and scales as the company adds more team members, and every person becomes the frontline.

A system like this is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that network and sell products in different categories. Even large enterprises choose this structure, which fine-tunes the features of the software and allows for sophisticated capabilities.

Unilevel MLM Software can strengthen your business by providing you direct control over the distribution line. This software will regulate wealth from downlines, error-free.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you forecast income and help you add advanced features that can better track and evaluate your network. If you think your Unilevel MLM Business needs a customized software to fulfil the best of your interest then ask for a customized package. We are always available on live chat.

Advantages of Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan

One of the most important features of the Unilevel MLM Plan is that there is no limitation on the number of sub-distributors you can activate. Regardless of the number of people you recruit, your downline will grow successfully. Additionally, the standard Plan works on a payment plan that’s between four and ten levels deep.

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Here are a few advantages of Univel MLM Plan:

  • Regulation of the payment.
  • It accepts a minimal pay for the volume of members.
  • A monthly calculator defines the payments and compensations to each downline.
  • The software will indicate the sales volumes and associate members.
  • The stability offers an online expansion of business.
  • Bonuses add to the motivation of the downlines to perform better.
  • When distributors achieve the targets fast bonus works.
  • Level commissions add to the profitability figures.

The advantages of using a Unilevel Compensation plan are endless. Participants are rewarded for both progression and retention, in the form of dividends paid out according to rank. As people move up in rank, they have the opportunity to accumulate more perks.

Prime MLM’s Unilevel marketing software provides transparency to your growing network of distributors and allows you to track sales accurately. The software has many benefits, top among them being that it delivers real-time results that help keep your business running smoothly.

Our Unilevel marketing software is vast and comprehensive and can support everything you need to run your unilevel MLM business profitably.

Few Compensation Configuration In Unilevel MLM Software

Direct referral bonus

A referral bonus is given to members who recruit new downlines. A referral bonus can be flat or a percentage of the joiner’s package. You can set the referral bonus before someone becomes a member, or you can make it based on the package of the person who recruits them.

Matching Bonus

Our Unilevel MLM Software has the capability to customize matching bonuses for your downline members. Your MLM company will set the business rule, and Prime MLM Software can follow it.

Fast Start Bonus

Prime MLM Software is capable of providing bespoke bonus solutions for your network marketing company. Our Unilevel MLM software can help you integrate new and unique bonus schemes into your unilevel compensation plan. Our Unilevel MLM Software provides the ability to incorporate any kind of reward or incentive with your compensation plan. Even if you have a traditional 3 x 9 (3 levels deep, 9 total positions), you can create custom bonuses to fit your needs.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This bonus applies when members climb the ranks. We make sure that these bonus payouts are in line with your business goals. With our Unilevel MLM Software, you can customize rank advancement and ensure it aligns with your goals.

Pool Bonus

Pool bonuses are a percentage of the total company turnover allocated as an incentive for distributors to work harder. If you’re part of an MLM company, there may be multiple ways to earn a pool bonus. For example, you may receive one every month, quarter, or even weekly, all after reaching a certain rank. However, this will change depending on the particular company’s rules and regulations. Our Unilevel MLM Software can help you set these rules and regulations.

Level commission

The level commission is based on what the downlines sell. The higher their level, the more they earn. Downlines are paid commissions based on how much they sell. The higher their level, the more they earn. However, this depends on each compensation plan. You can use Unilevel MLM Software to configure this for your business. Since each company has its own criteria for the commission, our Unilevel MLM Software can be customized to integrate any business rule you require.

Features Of Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel Sponsor Tree

The entire downline members’ list is accessible for the Admin in a tree view, and each node can be expanded to know the details.


Our Ewallet offers a secure platform for contactless payments and mobile wallets. It safely stores monetary details for seamless management of your business.

Support System

A meticulous support system with tickets which has auto responder options and ticket options for all commission, payout, e-pin and e-wallet related queries.

Advanced distributor engagement tools

Advanced distributor engagement tools provide modern amenities to enhance vendor interaction through research and analysis. This process helps your businesses to make decisions accordingly.

Multilingual Dashboard

We provide an Inbuilt Multilingual dashboard, which helps in personalizing your dashboard with your chosen language. With our System, your dashboard can also be incorporated with a new language of your requirement and option to select you’r own language

News Management System

Prime MLM Software extends a system that apprises the users about important news regularly. The System keeps users updated about Information on the bonus system, coupon code, new launches, etc.The admin have the option to add edit and delete the news

Genealogy Tree

The Genealogy tree gives a detailed insight into User details, sponsor details, direct downlines, referral downlines, ranks, etc. This detailed working profile gives deeper comprehension into the Business.

Profile Management

Our Profile management system, with its advanced features, efficiently manages and delivers user profile info. It includes all the details of the operations, such as payments, withdraws, commission details, etc.

Downline List

Our MLM System compiles a complete Downline list of users with ranks, sponsor list, position, etc. The tool includes expense tracking, rank tracking, current packages, a list of templates, etc., for effortless usage.

More Features Of Prime MLM Software



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