Stair Step Plan MLM Software

Stair Step is one of the traditional MLM compensation plans that is renowned for its possibility to drive humongous revenue. If you are running an MLM business that focuses on growth and achievement, this is one of the best tried and tested compensation plans. However, this time-tested plan is known for its breakaway option.

Even though there are a hand full of MLM compensation plans that you can choose from, Stair Step compensation Plan can reap you more benefit if you make an informed choice. Even though the package has a close resemblance with the Unilevel MLM Plan, which is offered by Prime MLM Software there is an inherent difference in both.

Numbers do not limit the Frontier line entry of Stair Step MLM plan unlike in what you can see in Unilevel MLM Plan. Apart from this significant difference, Stair Step MLM Plan takes a percentage from at each level, which is otherwise called as a target cut-off.

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Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we provide you with the utmost assurance: a guaranteed satisfaction of 100%. We firmly believe that your triumph is synonymous with ours, which is why we exhaust every effort in offering tailored and extraordinary solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Rest assured, our dedication to your contentment remains unwavering, and we are always here to support you on your path to success. Embark on a transformative journey with Prime MLM Software today and unlock limitless possibilities for your MLM business!

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How members benefit from Stair Step MLM Plan

As the member makes considerable progress in his/her team, a breakaway process is incorporated. A breakaway process is initiated when the member ticks all the criteria set at each level. The breakaway process is a blessing for the members as they are no more dependent on their sponsors. Also, they do not have to be contingent to the uplines when it comes to receiving settled income.

At Prime MLM Software, we have a team that has put in years to develop seamless stair step experience for your users. We strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in technology. This has helped us to make prime MLM software secure, reliable, and feature-rich.We have bundled Prime MLM Software with all the must-have features that your users are looking for, ensuring they come at a most affordable package.

Stair Step MLM Software

Advantages of Stair Step MLM Plan

The earning potential of Stair Step Plan makes it one of the best MLM compensation plans. The breakaway factor has a magnetic element that attracts more users as it opens up the possibility to earn more and build a bigger team. In addition, there is no limit to the number of people who can be recruited under each member. Likewise, the bottleneck in most of the other plans that limit the number of recruits under your downline is simply not there in the Stair Step plan.

Stair Step Plan: How it gets your earnings?

Stair Step Plan is one of the most easy-to-understand MLM Compensation plans. Thanks to the unlimited frontline and other intricacies that are unique to the Stair Step plan. Your members are eligible to achieve the cut-off and move ahead up to the point where he/she achieves breakaway. The breakaway is highly dependent on the initial cost you pumped into the plan, the revenue you gained from the initial investment, and based on the performance of the downline team.

Stair Step MLM Plan

Due to the highlighted Breakaway option, Start Step plan is also known as “Stair Step Breakaway Plan.” Breakway, like the term suggests, is more freedom for the users as they can now start a separate process with 100% autonomy to build their team. Building a bigger team will also translate into more significant returns.

Features Of Stair Step MLM Software

User Migration

With our advanced user migration feature, the flawless and complete migration of users from an existing system to our MLM system without disruption is assured.

Multi Wallet Support

The Prime MLM Software platform is designed to support the Multi-Wallet System, including repurchase wallets and business wallets, to efficiently handle different kinds of e-currencies.

Bulk Mail

Our platform is equipped with Bulk mail sending capability, which enables creating and dispatch of Email messages on a large scale to get to a broader audience in a short time.

Inbuilt Rest API

The Rest API application in our System helps establish a connection to external Software. It triggers data updates in both applications in response to updates on one side.

Manage User Types

Every Organization will have different User Types. Our System allows you to assign and manage different user types according to your business design and structure.


E pin is a secure way to make payments. E pin integrated into our System offers a flexible way for our clients to carry out transactions on the web portals without inconvenience.

Responsive design

Our MLM System provides a brisk Responsive Design that reacts to the user’s behavior, environment, platform, etc., to give rapid results.

Multi-Network Display

The Multi-network display feature of the software system provides the user with the Display of multiple networks simultaneously.

Bitcoin Integration

We integrate your MLM Software system with Bitcoin Application for easier trade transactions, which allows both reception and payment through Digital currency.

More Features Of Stair Step MLM Software