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Automatic MLM Payment Gateway is an online tool embedded in MLM software. Companies running networking marketing business that deals with buying and selling products online need a feature-rich automatic payment system.

MLM Payment Gateway

How Automatic MLM Payment Gateway Works?

Automatic Payment processing is the mainstay while distributing payments. Every balance sheet can be organized with this feature and can be specified to have an organized payment cycle.

  • It can authorize and clear monthly payments to all distributors/members.
  • Since it is automated, it offers a hi-speed transaction ability with secure codes.
  • Clients can opt for customized versions of MLM plans to have this gateway.
  • Other sub-features like E-pin, E-wallet, Paystack, Strip, Authorize.net, Adv Cash, Coin Base, Coin Payment, Block.io, Blockchain, Blocktrail, and PayPal are embedded.

An automatic API payment process is useful as the customer can be paid flexibly in more than one place. It can be easily accessed using a smartphone device real-time. All payment data is secure, and delivery is accurate.

Most online businesses require automatic payment gateway system for smooth operations. Members can use credit and debit cards to activate payment options worldwide.

If you need, we can also create flexibility processes like:

  • Weekly payment on specific scheduled dates
  • Monthly payouts
  • Recurring payment options, and auto-ship
  • Details regarding deductions
  • The system supports all kinds of online e-commerce
  • We also offer cryptocurrency variations
  • All MLM software plans can use this system effectively

Prime MLM developers are experienced in creating payment gateways and we can assure that our automatic payment gateway system also can work smoothly with Android and iOS apps.