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A purchase wallet is an affordable and risk-free feature as it can be used to purchase, upgrade and register a new member into the system. As an add-on function, it can secure a commission percentage for members.

Purchase wallet

Purchase Wallet Benefits Offered by Prime MLM

The purchase wallet is a digital wallet a networking company requires to make secure transactions. An algorithm derived by a specific software by Prime MLM offers this feature with various MLM plans. Many clients are successfully using it, and the skyscraping features of our MLM software have been making network marketing businesses more viable.

With Purchase Wallet, if one member helps another by making payments, the software will facilitate the fund transfers. The borrower pays back later to settle accounts.

  • A member can save some percentage of the commission
  • The balance can be checked with appropriate login details.
  • Bring new users using purchase wallet
  • Transferring of amounts using purchase wallet
  • Daily limit, weekly limit and monthly limit settings
  • Minimum amount settings for transferring the wallet amount to e-wallet for releasing payout
  • Purchase wallet recharging using payment gateways
  • A company can add a bonus for using money through the purchase wallet.
  • Speedy transactions are the hallmark of any MLM software created by our experts.

Prime MLM has developers who are experienced in creating and customizing trending technology and features that you need for your MLM business. That’s why we always upgrade the systems for our MLM users with add-on features. Purchase wallet is one such feature that makes your MLM business more reliable and can attract new members.