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Board Plan MLM software

Prime MLM Software company offers you the fully-featured network marketing software for the Board matrix MLM plan. Board MLM software is a web application that permits you to implement the Board plan MLM range. Using our Board Plan MLM Software, you can now focus on developing unique tactics to generate sufficient revenue. Thanks to the latest features we have included in the board plan.

Board Plan MLM Software – Eliminate Risks or Failures During Marketing

board plan mlm software

Board Plan offers an unlimited bundle of opportunities that makes multi-level marketing accessible across several industries. With our board plan MLM software that supports all features of the board plan, you can now focus on developing unique strategies to produce adequate income. Currently, a well-designed software remains an indispensable tool that aims to manage everything under one roof. A Broad Plan empowers the entire network and people associated with it. As a vital tool for MLM business, executives can pursue unique tactics to implement the Board Plan MLM software. This entails the necessary communication system to retain everyone in the loop.

Prime MLM Software has developed the Board Plan MLM Software in such a way that it enables any company to utilize its extensive features. One salient feature is the critical SMS-integration for seamless communication. This significant factor and supplementary qualities distinguish it from other plans for business-savvy professionals.

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Board MLM Plan – An Overview

It is a matrix cycle or a revolving plan to eliminate risks or failures during marketing. It offers substantial returns on targeted policies. A minimum of 3 people is required to form a cycle. Once the plan clicks, the cycle is increased to 5 or 9 members. Each person receives the commission and earns a profit amount. To motivate the members to remain active bonuses based on income generation is introduced. Each member can enjoy the reimbursements. Inactive participants fall off the matrix cycle automatically. It is important that everyone in the Board Plan understands its implications and its functioning.

Prime MLM software is an ideal support to begin the business with such a concept. The number of people involved is limited. In a perfect situation, each member introduces two people in the industry. The recruitment continues until the Board Plan is filled. If the numbers increase, sub-groups are created to keep the revolving cycle alive. Those who joined initially become the top level and the same is repeated with all the sub-groups. After installation of the software, the process is ready to use.

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Variations of the concept

To further understand how Board Plan succeeds at multiple levels, the process starts with a ‘blank board.’ New entries are registered and segregated in various columns which represent the associated companies. When all the columns are filled, the commissions are paid out. In this concept, the sponsoring person is limited to only ‘two legs.’ The down lines also can include only ‘two legs’ below them. As more people join, the depth of the matrix increases to four levels. A cycle is deemed completed with 6 active participants, and the 1st position is removed from the matrix. Companies that select this plan ask for a joining fee from the new entry. The admin panel decides the amount. Often it is equivalent to two compensation payouts.

Prime MLM Board Plan Advantage

Since this concept thrives on active participation, communication remains the key to its universal success. That is why SMS-integration is one of the most relevant features companies look for in this software. The other advantages include personally & group messaging, automated replays, information source, and auto templates for all members. Our experts are capable of adding more plug-ins that benefit people who choose this plan. The new software is fitted with email support, online chat, and ticketing. It is responsive enough for continued activity. Many business members like remaining connected with each other, and this system is ideal to adopt for long-term profitability.

Bonus offers

Without incentives, no plan works effectively. Prime MLM Software takes it into account to ensure the commissions add to the referrals, completion of the board, and position bonus. For example, the referral bonus is calculated, keeping in mind the number of sales, user commission for sponsors. The Board Plan can be customized and developed as a single, multi, shuffling, autofill, and manual board. Once you ask for a free demo, we demonstrate how the commissioning setting is managed. A simple dashboard displays all the views efficiently. All the features are distinct with the rules and calculations. The compensation factors support almost every online vertical.

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Features Of Board MLM Software

Board MLM Software FAQ

  • Yes. Prime MLM Software provides users option to customize the Board MLM Software. You can customize our Board Software features and compensation plans based on the requirements of your MLM Business.

  • Yes. Prime MLM supports multi-currency for all MLM software plans. We have made your purchase, sales, and accounting functions easy with our Board MLM software plan.

  • Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Our Board MLM software supports multiple languages. All that you have to choose are the languages you require from our dashboard. You are ready to go.

  • Yes. Prime MLM has incorporated both international and local taxation plans so that you don’t have to worry about the cuts and deductions.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports e-commerce integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports payment gateway integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports cryptocurrency integration.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software we will provide training on how to use MLM Software Effectively .

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports security features like Google authentication, Google Captcha, email authentication, etc.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports daily backup system.

  • Yes. All our MLM softwares including Board MLM Software supports user migration.

  • The pricing of Board MLM Software is based on your customization requirements. We can offer completely customizable software that is tailored for your MLM business. However, the basic price of Board MLM Software is $750.

  • Yes, we will customize and add a new business rule into our Board MLM Software based on the customer requirement. We have tried to incorporate all advanced features into the software out of the box. Still, if you think a few additional features can add value to your MLM business, we can help you add it.

  • Yes, we will provide Binary + Board MLM Software , Unilevel + Board MLM Software, and Monoline + Board MLM Software. You don’t have to worry, we got you covered with hybrid MLM software solutions.