What is Board Plan MLM software ?

Unleash explosive growth with Board MLM Software from Prime! Our state-of-the-art web application takes the complexity out of managing your Board MLM business, with productivity features and real-time analytics. While Prime addresses the aftermath, focus on winning strategies that give you the ability to move up faster than ever before

board plan MLM software

Board Plan MLM Software
Eliminate Risks or Failures During Marketing

board plan mlm software

Imagine an MLM software that empowers you, not just manages your business. The board MLM software solution from Prime goes beyond the basics, turning you into a strategic partner for your success. Forget about wasting time on tedious tasks – focus on winning strategies that will lead to greater revenue.

Prime’s board MLM software structure is designed to be the cornerstone of your entire Board MLM business operation. It seamlessly connects to your network and empowers every member – from frontline distributors to executives. This creates a collaborative environment where your unique styles can really flourish. But effective communication is key. That’s why our software boasts industry-leading SMS integration, making everyone more informed and engaged.

It’s not just another Board MLM software – it’s a comprehensive set of tools developed by MLM experts for MLM mavericks. Simple communication features, combined with complex functionality take your business to the next level. Stand out from the crowd and embrace the smart way to achieve your MLM goals.

Let Prime MLM Software be your secret weapon.

Features of Our
Board Plan MLM Software

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Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we provide you with the utmost assurance: a guaranteed satisfaction of 100%. We firmly believe that your triumph is synonymous with ours, which is why we exhaust every effort in offering tailored and extraordinary solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Rest assured, our dedication to your contentment remains unwavering, and we are always here to support you on your path to success. Embark on a transformative journey with Prime MLM Software today and unlock limitless possibilities for your MLM business!


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A Few Compensation Plan
Configurations Within Our MLM Software

  • board completion bonus Board Completion Bonus
  • reentry bonus Re-entry Bonus

Board completion bonus are the ones received when a distributor completes a board cycle, gets promoted to the next and starts a new board.

When direct down lines of a sponsor completes a board and enter to the same board through a re entry position, they receive a Re entry bonus.

Sponsor bonus is the bonus received by adding to new members to the board plan network.

Level commissions are received for each level of board plan completed by filling of members.

  • sponsor bonus Sponsor Bonus
  • level commissions Level commissions

Board MLM Plan– An Overview

It is a matrix cycle or a revolving plan to eliminate risks or failures during marketing. It offers substantial returns on targeted policies.

The Board MLM plan used in MLM business is also called matrix cycle plan or revolving matrix plan. The board MLM plan has a more significant advantage of profit gain from each member involved in the board. The board constitutes the major component of the board MLM plan, and the number of members in the particular board depends on the type of revolving matrix plan used. While the profit acquired is more in the revolving matrix plan, the downside is the complexity of calculations.

The commonly adopted board plan is the 2×2 matrix cycle plan with two member legs where a member recruits two members to their downline. Once the board consists of the maximum allowed members or the number of members exceeds the board’s limit, the board divides into two sub-boards, and the members in the top positions are upgraded to a higher level. Every time there is a completed matrix cycle, the specific member acquires a bonus or a commission and inactive participants fall off the matrix cycle automatically. New members usually get a blank board, and a specific member is required to complete the board by filling it.

board mlm plan

How Board Plan MLM Software Helps
Your MLM Business To Grow?

Our software is subject to constant product up gradation with user needs and requirements.

Efficient customization is one of the highlights of the Prime MLM software.

Our customers has the option to customize the software to suit to their needs and necessities and make the board system blend into their business seamlessly. This feature enable you to effectively customize your network marketing software and make use of it’s full potential.

With Prime software your MLM business is equipped with smart decisions and sustainable growth through the number of integrated applications such as the multiple payment platforms, cloud fare, slack, Zoom, ecommerce, gaming platforms etc.

Intelligent analysis of market trends and consumer behaviour from Prime MLM Software gives your business success and growth.

Benifits Of Our MLM Software

administrative tool

Administrative Tool

A set of tools to help the admin of the MLM business to manage and control the functions in it. With the help of the tools the admin can place, enhance or alter the rules related to various sections such as role management, rank and sponsor configuration, Commission capping changes etc to effectively control the board business.

distributor tool

Distributor Tool

Distributors can analyze their performance through insights and reports on their activities and use it to bring necessary changes to the current system or for future reference. With the help of these tools distributors can manage activities, track progress and set sales goals for their MLM board business.

customizable compensation plan configuration

Customizable Compensation Plan Configuration

MLM plans can be combined to create new plans that suits the board business requirements of an organization. This custom created plan can be configured to the Board MLM Software of Prime.

customizable reward program configuration

Customizable Reward Program Configuration

Some organizations may require creation of a custom-defined reward program to be included in their MLM board system. Prime also offers the configuration option to introduce such custom made reward programs into the board MLM software.

spilling preference

Spilling Preference

A stable and active payout plan can be achieved by setting a spilling preference. All types of existing spilling preference and customized spilling preferences are supported by Prime.

holding tank

Holding Tank

Based on priority order, admin can manually add members to the board system. The manual placement is decided based on the skills and leadership qualities of the member.

auto balancing

Auto Balancing

Through auto-balancing the board system will automatically add members. The genealogy tree is filled from top to bottom or from left to right as required to balance the tree.

custom spilling preference

Custom spilling preference

Customers can also create and configure their own spilling preferences to improve their board business network.

change sponsor

Change Sponsor

Change sponsor option allows alterations in distributors’ sponsors without creating any making changes to the overall network structure. Through this feature the admin can bring in more active members to create a more driven board business structure in the network.

multiple payment menthod

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods are integrated to the prime network marketing Software. Multiple payment methods in the MLM board system can enable hassle-free and clean transactions in the MLM network.



The Migration feature offers an accurate and concise and error free transfer of the current software to a new and suitable platform. The software is seamlessly integrated into the new system without any functional errors.

multi-country tax setting

Multi Country Tax Setting

Prime has the option to integrate the tax settings of the region the customers ask for. This feature can add the tax settings of the home country or the country requested by the MLM board business.

shopping cart

Country Wise Shopping Cart

Region specific elements and features can be included in the shopping cart. The user can customize the shopping cart to match the features preferred by consumers in different countries.

hybrid board mlm plan

Hybrid MLM software

The Revolving matrix plan or the matrix cycle plan can be combined with other plans such as binary,Unilevel, monoline etc.. to create hybrid plans. Such custom made compensation plans can be configured to the MLM software.

third party api integration

Third party api integration

Third party API is used to integrate external applications such as Woo commerce, DRUPAL, Gaming Platforms etc with MLM software to enhance the system’s performance. The API integration facility is required to connect the MLM software with any third-party applications.


Multi Wallet

Multiple internal wallets such as purchase wallet, E-wallet etc can be created in the software. The wallets can be used to store various bonuses attained and later used to redeem vouchers or for repurchases.


Pay-out Compression

Through Payout compression option organizations can establish maximum Compensation capping for the distributors. This regulates the excess cash flow as commissions and compensations and balances the board tree.

training module

Training Module

Training modules can offer newcomers with advanced training sessions. Admin of the system can add or delete sessions as required for proper training management and track the progress of the sessions.

crypto mlm software

Crypto MLM Software

Through crypto integration option customers can use block chain-based platform to promote and establish their crypto currency in the MLM industry. Customers can integrate established crypto currencies or create a custom crypto currency to be used in the MLM business.

compatible with different mlm industries

Compatible With Different MLM Industries

Prime network marketing software is compatible with all business niches like Health and Wellness, Investment, Cosmetics and Personal Care, E-commerce and Online Shopping, E-learning and Educational etc. It is designed to work efficiently with superior performance in every business



SSO or Single sign – On forms integrated into an MLM software increases user experience through one time sign in feature. It increases the business engagement and performance. Customers can to use a single set of login credentials to access authentication into multiple applications.

Ecommerce Integrated
MLM Software

ecommerce board mlm software

Supercharge your Board MLM Software
with powerful integrations







lead capture

Lead Capture

Learning system

Learning management system




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