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Replication websites are the online visiting card for your members to connect with new recruits and it’s a new and innovative way promote your business on an autopilot mode

Replication Website

Replicated Website is Online Visiting Card

All modern and sophisticated MLM software currently available in the industry offer the replicate website feature. If you are a focused on the experience of the members who join, replicated website is one feature that you should not miss.

With a replicated website, your team members will be able to use their custom landing pages to share via different marketing channels. Currently, a had full of MLM businesses use replicated website as a tool to its members to find and recruit new members.

The concept of replicated website is simple. A replicated website will be shared with all the users who join your network marketing business. The same website is replicated however, the core features such as the user’s contact details, name address and social media profiles will be customized.

If you are managing an affiliate MLM business model, replicated website feature is indispensable as it’s the pillar for all affiliate promotional.

With internet now powering major MLM businesses, the replicated websites give an identify to the users who join your MLM business and consider it as a the online visiting card for your business.