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A mailbox is an effective way for admin and users to communicate with each other within the MLM System. This feature is a closed system for direct conversations that works like any other email but is restricted to company members only.

Mail Box

How it works

The mailbox functions are very typical and follow an organized structure

    Typical features
  • Manages emails from sender and replies are prompt
  • Admin Access to all users and reading of emails
  • Can be integrated with any MLM plan
  • Risk-free tools to operate individually
  • Responsive design for each plan

The mailbox works just like other digital ones like Gmail or Hotmail. An email can be composed and sent to another user or the admin. Messages can be sent, replied and read to one another successfully. A virtual mailbox provides the security of messages without any spams and also retains records. Any MLM plan can be fitted with it for better communications and management. The same can also be accessed on a mobile device.

Many online companies are using MLM plans for their businesses due to the provision of numerous automated features and add-ons. It is particularly valuable when remote members also help in running the direct selling business, marketing and management.

Prime MLM software makes it easy for people to run their online business. A highly trained group of IT professionals create tailor-made MLM plans which have important features. The team can even add the crucial mailbox for convenient messaging between the admin and users.