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Add On Features of Prime MLM Software

MLM Softwares are destined to ensure that your MLM business runs smoothly with increased productivity. Prime MLM Software is a superior web-based application that gives a seamless experience. We have assembled the perfect tools and features so that you can take full control of your MLM business on the go.


Does your MLM Business have multiple vendors? Prime MLM Software is your best solution for you, as numerous sellers can create profiles and add unlimited products.


Prime MLM Software has a centralized management system that allows your MLM clients with multiple store to assess returns, margins and success.

Static Website

We have also enabled a customizable static website for you with a unique URL to ensure that you stand out from the other competitors.

Payment Gateway

Prime MLM Software supports integration of all major payment gateway systems out-of-the-box to help you process payments at ease.

Payment Methods

We have enabled options for payments via Cards, Netbanking, cash, DD, Cheque, Bank Transfer and wallets.

Pre-installed Themes

Prime MLM Software comes with over 50 pre-installed e-commerce themes that are regularly updated to match up the latest best-practices.

Supports all Types of Integration

Prime MLM Software is your one-stop-solution if your MLM Business is focused on selling business plans and products that your clients love spreading.

Supports Local and International Taxation

Prime MLM Software supports multiple taxation systems both international and local.

Responsive Design

Prime MLM Software is designed with focus on future. That’s why we have put in effort to ensure that our dashboard loads seamlessly in multiple devices and screen sizes.

Compatible With Any MLM Plan

Prime MLM Software can be used for any MLM plan through our customization options.


We understand that your MLM business has a global audience, that is why we have enabled multi-language support. With Prime MLM Software, you can expand direct selling business globally.


MLM Business with a global target audience requires support for handling multiple currencies. Prime MLM Software has enabled support for Multi-Currency enabling cutting edge purchasing, sales, and accounting functions.

Bitcoin integration

With Bitcoins becoming the next big thig in financial transactions, integrati it will ensure that your MLM business is a step ahead and futuristic. If you run an MLM company, we can help you with the right MLM software with Bitcoin integration feature enabled. Our Bitcoin integration feature is possible for all MLM compensation plans including Matrix, Board and Unilevel MLM plan


CRM plays a key role in the automation of your MLM business. With Prime MLM Software, you can touch base with your members through an integrated marketing automation approach. If you consider keeping your existing customers and future prospects engaged, consider CRM as an integral part of your network marketing business.

Auto responder

Auto responder is a built-in feature within Prime MLM Software that makes sure emails are sent to your members based on their action. If you are currently sending the emails manually, our MLM software aims to save your time by scheduling emails. Our sophisticated auto responder feature is a handy email marketing tool for sending custom and dynamic messages in specific scenarios.

Mlm mobile app

With majority of digital users preferring mobile over desktop, it is important to have a mobile app for your MLM business. This is why Prime MLM Software provides mobile app. By enabling mobile app, you can give flexibility to the users to manage their business activities. Our Mobile App supports all major platforms including Android and iOS.

Sms integration

Ensuring that your members get instant sms notification during different touch points will enhance their trust in your MLM business. This is why Prime MLM Software has integrated SMS as a standard feature. Now, your members will get SMS messages with the particulars about the registration, the details of the payment released, and more.

Lead capture page

MLM Lead Capture Page or MLM Lead Generation System is an integral part of MLM businesses that rely on user data for later converting them as recruits. Prime MML provides you a lead capture landing page also known as a Squeeze page where you can collect user infornation along with providing the products they are looking for. An MLM landing page is as simple as any page on which you land after clicking on an ad. Lead capturing is important for any MLM busines that looks to leverage sales and number of recruits.