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What is Board MLM plan? – Types, Features and Benefits

A board mlm plan structure involves a member joining the plan, some companies take an initial joining fee from the members during the start-up period. After they have occupied a space, they receive double the joining amount. Once the board consists of a full board, the member who started the plan drops off. The members in two legs of the plan then split up and make their own boards.

Board MLM plan structure


The MLM Board Plan is considered a simplified version of the matrix plan, which is also known as the matrix cycle plan or revolving matrix plan. This plan is used to determine the members of a business organization. The board consists of several levels with different widths and depths. By performing tasks correctly, an MLM Networker can achieve their desired board in a short period of time. The most common board is 2×2, but there are also 3×3 and 5×3 versions. In the 2×2 matrix plan, the depth is two ie, there will be two levels. A total of 7 members with level 1 having 2 members and level 2 having 4 members. The highlight of Board Plan software lies with the feature to combine it with other compensation plans to create custom plans known as hybrid board plans. Board with matrix creates Matrix board plan, Board with binary creates Binary board plan etc.


Payout compression option for board compensation plan

A Payout compression option is an effective tool for an MLM compensation plan. It regulates the excess cash flow of compensations and commissions, balancing the board tree. The system has advanced training sessions and can be customized by the admin. It also promotes crypto currency within the MLM industry. Customers can choose to integrate a standard crypto currency or create one of their own. There are two primary types of compression. Dynamic compression and standard compression. In both cases, inactive representatives are bypassed in the calculation. Bypassing inactive representatives makes the plan look richer than it actually is. Prospective representatives may add up the percentages in the chart and think that they have the total percentage of the payout.


API integration option for compensation plan

Board mlm software comes with the ability to integrate with third-party applications into the software. It also supports multiple internal wallets where bonus money can be stored and redeemed. The Board MLM compensation plan is a type of MLM that rewards users for adding people to their downlines. The users who add people to their downlines are rewarded with commissions depending on how many of their downline members join. Additionally, the users can also earn bonuses based on the number of people that they sponsor to complete the board cycle. One of these features is the Crypto integration option, which promotes the use of crypto currency within the MLM industry. Users can integrate an existing cryptocurrency or create a custom one.


Bonus Compensations of Board MLM plan

Board mlm plans work with four different compensations bonus :

  • Level commissions

    As one whole level is completely filled with members. The commission percentage defers in each level. The spillover downlines also generate commissions for distributors.

  • Board completion bonus

    This bonus is received when one cycle or a board is completed. The member is then promoted to the next board.

  • Re-entry bonus

    The sponsor receives a bonus as a board is completed and re-enter into the same board.

  • Sponsor bonus

    This is the bonus received for sponsoring/adding members to the board tree.


Benefits of revolving matrix plan

A board MLM compensation plan involves a system of commissions and bonuses for the top level leaders and distributors in an organization. These commissions are paid to a distributor or distributors when they recruit new members to their downline. These commissions are based on how many people a distributor recruits and how many of them complete a board.

  • Commision calculation usually depend on the decision of the company and their rules.

  • Users of the Board mlm plan can create multiple boards within the network. This allows you to build multiple levels of downline, allowing you to profit the most from the least amount of work.

  • This structure allows you to promote your business to up to ten levels and still be able to reap the benefits.

  • This system also rewards you for making sales in your downline. This structure makes it possible to earn dividend bonuses depending on the amount of business you generate.