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Top 10 Beauty, Skin care & Cosmetics MLM brands in 2024

Beauty, Skincare and Cosmetics is a multibillion-dollar industry and is one of the most trending niches in MLM business worldwide. The global skincare market is currently estimated at $134.5 billion, and it’s expected to hit $180 billion by 2024. Direct sales skin care companies also attempt to take benefit of all the cutting-edge skincare trends while additionally producing product sorts that have been famous for many decades. It is additionally necessary to reflect on consideration on their strategy of promoting and its commercial enterprise model.

Scalability comes into play when you recruit and teach others to promote mlm companies as well. This is because, even though your fee decreases from their income than your own, you can earn from other recruits inside your direct and oblique team. For mlm skin care products there is virtual demand, and you’re merchandising a consumable product. If clients are passionate about the items, they’ll order more time and time again. Skincare is frequently costly too, which also permits you to earn extra per sale. This article aims to help you understand the mlm beauty and skincare market, so you can decide if an mlm company is worthy of your time and effort.


So let’s start listing major players in the beauty and skincare mlm market.


Avon is one of the most popular and oldest among direct sales skin care companies, having an annual sales of $5.57 billion. The company founded in 1886 is based in London, United Kingdom. Avon distributors will earn a commission of 25% on sales of beauty products and sales commission from sales of distributors recruited by them.

Initial Investment: The starter kit of Avon starts at $30, which includes Avon products and 11 brochures.

Products: Cosmetics, Perfume, Skin Care ‎

Mary Kay

May Kay also tops the list of direct sales skin care companies. The company was founded on September 13, 1963, based in Texas, United States. According to Direct selling statistics Mary Kay is valued at $3.25 billion and noted as the sixth largest among online direct sales companies globally in 2018.  Mary Kay is also among top paying direct sales companies with sales commission up to 50% on retail sales and an optional task to recruit members and earn a commission on their sales and bonuses of products.

Initial Investment: Mary kay starter kit comes with a personalized website, personal training, training materials, and a transaction platform for $30.

Products: Cosmetics, Skincare

Nu Skin

Nu Skin Enterprises was founded in 1984 in Utah, United States. The company employs 1.2 million independent distributors to sell its products in 54 markets across the world. The distributors earn a commission of up to 30% by selling nu skin products and extra incentives on member recruitment.

Initial Investment: Nu skin starter kit begins at 543.29, which contains a range of Nu skin products.

Products: Beauty, Skincare


Oriflame was founded in the year 1967 stockholm, Sweden. The direct sales skin care company market their products in more than 60 countries globally. If you are a distributor in Oriflame you can make 20-30% as sales commission on products sold and extra incentives on recruiting people to join as partners for the brand.

Initial Investment: The starter kit at Oriflame cost $20. Consultants are also required to buy some catalogs of 30 cents each along with the starter kit.

Products: Personal care, Beauty


Monat Global Corp was founded in the year 2014 in Florida, United States. At Monat, Distributors earn a commission of 30% on every sale they make. You can also employ a team-building strategy and earn a percentage of revenue as sales commission from the sales made by the recruits.

Initial Investment: The starter kit from Monat costs $99 with product samples. It is also required to pay an annual renewal fee of $49.99 to maintain the membership.

Products: Haircare, Skincare, Pet hygiene.


The company was founded in 2012 in the Utah United States. Younique has a similar business model to popular mlm skin care brands such as Avon and Mary Kay, but they focus on digital selling. Sellers get a commission starting from 20% for the products they sell and earn sales commissions from the members they recruit to their network.

Initial Investment: The starter kit of Younique starts from $99 with 17 of Younique’s products.

Products: Cosmetics, Skincare

The Body Shop

Although The Body Shop was Founded in 1976, their online network marketing business was established in 1994 as “The Body Shop At Home.” The company is based in London, United Kingdom. The Body Shop at home only operates in three countries, the UK, Australia, and the USA. The Body Shop At Home distributors earn 20-35% as commission on every product sale, and you will also earn commissions and incentives for recruiting new people and from their product sales.

Initial Investment: The starter kit includes Beauty Kit, digital tools, and ongoing training at $68.

Products: Skincare, Haircare, Bath & Body

Beauty Counter

Beauty counter was founded in the year 2013 in California, United States. Distributors of the company earn a commission of 25% on all products sold. A Consultant can also choose to recruit other people to become consultants and earn revenue from their sales.

Initial Investment:  The starter kit at Beauty counter costs $50. It includes products, sales materials, and a personal website for one year. Additionally, a consultant must pay $50 as an annual fee to continue working for Beauty counter.

Products: Skincare, Cosmetics


Seint is an upcoming beauty brand in mlm skin care products. It was founded in the year 2013 based in Utah, United States. A Seint distributor can make 20%-40% on every Seint product they sell and make a commission on recruiting members and their product sales.

Initial Investment: Seint starter kits include product samples, training, and promotional materials for $199. A maintenance fee of $11.95 for the back office is also required.

Products: Makeup, Skincare

Lime Life

Lime Life is owned by  Alcone Company, founded in 1952, based in New York, United States. The distributors get up to 35% in commission on product sales and extra revenue in member recruitment.

Initial Investment: The starter kit or The Business Box begins at $99 with various lime life products included.

Products: Cosmetics, Natural Skincare

Arbonne International

In 1980, Arbonne was established by Petter Morck, with its headquarters situated in California, USA. The company specializes in delivering premium beauty and skincare items. Arbonne is recognized for producing products that are vegan, botanical, cruelty-free, and sustainable, promoting personal well-being while also prioritizing environmental friendliness.

Initial Investment: The initial investment starts at $99. Consultants are required to make a monthly purchase of approximately $250 in product in order to qualify for commissions.

Products: Cosmetics, Natural Skincare

The list comprises many major industry players like Avon, Nu skin, etc and emerging mlm companies like Seint and beauty counter in direct sales skin care market. It is the perfect amalgamation of the best skincare and cosmetic mlm companies to work with if you have a passion for the beauty business.