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Tranont – A Complete Review!

The rise of a worldwide pandemic like Covid-19 taught people to be more concerned about health and wellness. Well, here’s where Tranont, the MLM company, comes in. Tranont has been in talks among MLM enthusiasts for quite some time now.


The Overview

Lorne Berry, the Founder and CEO of the Company started Tranont in 2014 in Utah in the western United States. Tranont was founded as a company providing services in health and wellness sectors working under the Multilevel Marketing Business Model.

Name Tranont
Founder Lorne Berry
Year Founded 2014
Type Health, Wellness & Wealth MLM Company
Website URL Health, Wellness & Wealth MLM Company Rating 18 out of 100
Price To Join $99 start-up fee + product packs of $125+/ month


Products and Services

Tranont Company is unique in the MLM Industry because it has two distinct types of products, unlike most other MLM companies, which offer only a single product line.

tranont product and services

Tranont offers two types of products and services:

Finance services

Health products

In Products, the Company has credit products, wealth products, and tax products, among others. In services, they offer tax services, Id theft protection, legal services, healthcare saving, etc.

In addition to the products and services, they also offer health supplements such as Icaria Glow, Life, Vibe, etc.


Compensation Plan and Commissions

commission and compensation

There are three main ways to get paid from Tranont:

Get commission from selling products to customers

Build a team of Tranont MLM recruits

Get bonuses from becoming a certified, licensed agent

The Compensation plans given on the website can be a little confusing, but here’s the outline

  • Commission on sales (10-35%)
  • Monthly team bonus (gaining PV & GV to move up the “ranks”)
  • Car bonus ($1,500 PV & 3 customers with that volume or $1,500 GV & sponsor 3 recruiters with that volume)
  • Bonus pools (Become Emerald rank or above)
  • Tranont Life Commissions
  • Promotional trips and incentives

Additionally the Company employs a plan called “ Tranont Jeep Bonus” To become eligible for the jeep bonus, you need to do one of two things:

  • Earn $1,500 PV a month & have three customers with that volume
  • Earn $1,500 GV (group volume) & sponsor 3 MLM recruiters with that volume



It’s also worth mentioning that there is a contradiction in the Company’s website on the explanation of their compensation plans that is while it is said in one part that to be an active Tranont Associate, you need to pay the yearly renewal fee of $49 and attain 100 PC within any given month, another part of the comp plan says that affiliates must buy a $125 subscription plan and generate 100 PV per month.

Joining Tranont

Ok, want to know how to join?

The Company requires you to pay an activation fee of $99 to become an active member and another $25 every month to earn business tools and support.

Additionally, you will need to pick one among the three packages given below.

Wealth Package – $125 per month.

Health Package –$150 per month.

Builder Package – $250 per month.

Pros and Cons


  • The Company offers a variety of products
  • 10-30% commissions depending on the number of referrals you can get to join their system.


  • Highly complex compensation plans.
  • Expensive ongoing costs to join and Expensive products


Is Tranont a Scam?

is it a scam?

No, Tranont is a genuine company with legit products, and it cannot be considered a pyramid scheme because you can only make money from selling their products. The Company has been in business for about six years now, so it’s certainly not a scam.


But is the opportunity right for you? That’s upto you to decide.

Do thorough research about the Company, read through both positive and negative reviews, go through the compensation plans and commission calculation in detail and then make an informed decision. It is essential that you spent some time doing your research to find the right MLM company before joining any MLM business that way, you don’t end up losing your time and money.