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15 Top MLM Software Features To Look Out Before Buying One

Are you planning to purchase MLM Software for your MLM Business? Consider it as a long-term investment because you cannot force your users to use a different platform every other year.

That’s why you must ensure that your choice’s software has all the features and options that can help in doing accessible business. Here is the list of 14 features and options to look out for when buying MLM software.

Options Within Prime MLM Software


1. Network

1.1 Genealogy Tree

The genealogy tree shows the tree representation of the distributor.

1.2 Sponsor tree

The sponsor tree shows the sponsorship representation of the distributor.

1.3 Left Downline

A report shows the left downlines of a distributor.

1.4 Right Downline

A report shows the good downlines of a distributor.

1.5 Referral list

It’It’sreport that shows the referral details of each user. You can also view the

left and right referral in this report.

1.6. Package Upgrade

Here you can upgrade to a higher package for earning more from the System

and rank higher.



2. Signup

2.1 Distributor Register

Here you can sponsor a new distributor to the System, or introduce new

distributor into the System.

2.2 Approve Register

This is only for cash on delivery. Once you register by selecting the available mode

you, need to approve the user using the register option. Only after you

complete, this process will the user get the entry into the SystemSystem

2.3. Bulk Register

A bulk register is for user migration. If you have an existing system and want to

move the users; you can use a bulk register to migrate the users into the new



3. Profile

3.1 View or Edit Profile

Here you can see the profiles of all the users and can edit their details.

3.2 Verify KYC

Use this option if you need to verify your distributors. They can upload their

passport or identity card from their respective distributor panel. The uploaded

data will appear on your dashboard, and you can verify the data uploaded by

the distributors.

3.3 Block User

Here you can block the distributor. Once you block, the distributor cannot

login into the SystemSystem and will not earn any commission from the SystemSystem.

3.4 Unblock user

Here you can unblock the blocked user.



4. Finance

4.1 Release Income

All the requested payout will appear here, and you can release the amount

using this option.

4.2 Fund Management

Here you can credit or debit the amount from the cash wallet of the retailer.

4.3 Fund transfer

You can transfer the amount to the business wallet of the distributors using

this option.

4.5 Business wallet

A business wallet shows the overall transactions inside the SystemSystem. E.g.:-

Commissions, payouts, etc.

4.6 Business overview Report

Its shows the total sales amount and total commission generated in the SystemSystem.

4.7 Commission Wallet

Its shows the total commission generated in the SystemSystem.



5. User Overview

It is used for analyzing each distributor, their transactions, income details, payout, purchase, referrals, carry history, etc…



6. Manage Packages

6.1 Registration Package

Here you can add the joining package and its details. This package will appear

when we are introducing a new member to the system system.

6.2. Repurchase Package

Here you can add the repurchase package, and this package will appear in the

the internal part of the system system.



7. Settings

7.1.1 Commission Settings

Here you can manage your binary commission, sponsor commission, etc…

7.1.2 Signup Setting

Here you set the user name type, password strength, etc.

7.1.3 KYC

Here you can configure which identify the user needs to upload into the system.

7.1.4 Payment Configuration

Here you can configure the payment method in the system.

7.1.5 Payout

Here you can configure the payout. The minimum payout, maximum payout, payout request validity, transaction fee, etc can be viewed here.

7.1.6 Tooltip

Here you can configure the information appearing inside the tooltip.

7.1.7 Mail

Here you can configure the simple Mail and SMTP mail.

7.1.8 Website

Here you can configure the profile banner and the social media links inside the

profile and replication link. A replication link is called a sponsor website, and each user can configure their website.

7.2 Content Management

Terms and conditions for the retailer’s registration can be configured here.

7.3 Payout Mail

You can configure the payout mail here when you release the payout. The retailer will

receive this Mail.

7.4 Registration Mail

The retailer will receive this Mail at the time of registering. You can configure the

content here.

7.5 Company profile

Here you can configure your company details.




8. Tools

8.1 Events

Here you can manage events.

8.2 FAQs

Here you can add frequently asked questions so that the retailer can view that

and find quick answers for common queries.

8.3 Manage News

Here you can manage the news. You can add news and also edit news here so it

can be viewed by the retailer.

8.4 Leads

Here you can manage leads and search the leads and change the status.



9. Report

9.1 Payout Pending Report

Here you can see all the pending payout.

9.2 Payout Report

Here you can see all the released payouts.

9.3 Joining Report

Here you can see all the distributors who joined the SystemSystem.

9.4 Top Earners Report

`Here, you can see all the top earners in the System.

9.5 Activate Deactivate Report

Here you can list activated and deactivated retailers.

9.6 Verified users Report

Here you can see all the KYC verified retailers in the SystemSystem.

9.7 Commission Report

Here you can see the total commission generated in the SystemSystem.

9.8 Member wallet balance

Here you can see the wallet balance of each member.

9.9 Carry History

Here you can see all the business volume credited and debited inside the SystemSystem.

9.10 Sales Report

Here you can see all the joining packages sales.

9.11. Repurchase Report

Here you can see all the sales from the internal cart.

  Search Member

Here you can search the entire distributor inside the System.


Here you can send and receive the Mail from the System.

 Set Employee

Here you can set different levels of managers to the System.


10. Registration

Here you can register new managers.

11. Set permission

Here you can set permission for the manager (allocating the menus for the managers)


12. View all managers

Here you can view all the managers in the System.

13. Change password

Here you change the password of the managers



14. Support

Here you can view the ticket sent by the retailers and can send replies




15. User Logs

Here you can see all the activities of the distributors and the admin.



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