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Top 21 MLM Companies For 2021

In this modern age of business, multi-level marketing has become all the rage. With this comes a network of people at different levels and a direct sales platform to offer a product or service to customers themselves. To truly succeed with multi-level marketing and its many advantages, pick a business opportunity that is right for you — the main factor behind this is finding MLM companies that suit your interests and strengths. You should look for a company that suits your personality and has been successful in the past, for starters. Once you find the right opportunity, make sure to choose some excellent MLM software to help you grow your business.

Marketing is a critical element required to gain traction in the digital world. Specific innovations and fresh ideas have shaped the marketing landscape, allowing marketers to gain traction with their campaigns. With new tactics, multi-level marketing gives budding MLM companies a platform to propel their products. It’s one of the best business models for product sales growth and brand establishment. Online retail is hard work, and it takes more than just having an excellent product to get noticed by shoppers.

MLM companies have the purpose of connecting you to a network of people. Companies that sell products through MLM provide an excellent income for any business. The compensation plan at these MLM companies decides how much you earn; if you are connected, your business will flourish with other network members’ help. As the leading direct selling company, Amway built its legacy on the principle of helping others grow their businesses as independent leaders.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 21 Multi-level marketing companies list for 2021 from around the world.

# Company Name Year Founded Country/Head Quarters Turn-Over in USD Products
1 Amway 1959 USA
8.80Billion Health, Beauty & Home care
2 Avon 1886 United Kingdom
5.70Billion Beauty, Household & personal care
3 Herbalife 1980 USA
4.50Billion Nutrition & weight control products
4 Natura 1969 Brazil 4.4 Billion Beauty products, Household & personal care, skincare, solar filters, cosmetics, perfume & hair care products
5 Vorwerk 1883 Germany
4.20Billion Household appliances, fitted kitchens or cosmetics
6 Mary Kay 1963 USA
3.50Billion Cosmetics & personal care products Cosmetics & personal care products
7 Infinitus 1992 China
(Hong Kong)
3.41 Billion Health products
8 Perfect 1994 China
(Guangdong Province)
3.06Billion Health care, household, personal care & skincare products
10 Forever Living 1978 USA
2.6 Billion Drinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements & personal care products
11 Belcorp 1968 Peru
1.09Billion agrochemical products
12 Nu Skin 1984 USA
2.28Billion Personal care products & dietary supplements
13 Tupperware 1948 USA
2.26Billion kitchen & home products
14 Melaleuca 1985 USA
2 Billion Nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care, home hygiene, and other wellness products
15 Primerica 1977 USA
1.69Billion Insurance & financial services
16 Oriflame 1967 Switzerland
1.6 Billion Cosmetics, beauty, skincare products
17 Young Living 1993 USA
1.5 Billion Health products, oils, personal care & animal care
18 Rodan and Fields 2002 USA
1.5 Billion skincare products
19 Lyoness 2003 Austria
1.39Billion Service
20 USANA 1992 USA
1.04Billion Nutritional products, dietary supplements & skincare products
21 DXN 1993 Malaysia
(Alor Setar)
1.10Billion Health food & beverages, skincare, household, home appliances


*Figures in billions

In this article, We tried to identify the 21 top network marketing companies for this year. These top network marketing companies have reshaped the industry. And the direct selling companies list provides distributors with an excellent opportunity to make consistent revenue based on their production. Their efforts were appropriately rewarded and motivated them to find more prospects for building a business.

As members of the top 100 network marketing companies, these businesses have produced a significant turnover for the industry. Also, they have provided distributors with an excellent opportunity to produce consistent revenue based on their efforts. Their efforts were rewarded and therefore motivated them to draw more prospects for a network marketing business.


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