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Top 100 MLM companies 2024!

Ditch the nine-to-five grind and become your own boss! Buckle up for a rocket ride to the top as we explore the MLM companies experiencing phenomenal growth in 2024. From wellness warriors to tech titans, this list unveils the hottest opportunities to build your entrepreneurial empire (and maybe score some killer discounts along the way). So, grab your metaphorical jetpack and let’s blast off into the exciting world of MLM!

Top 100 MLM companies

List of Top 100 MLM companies

Discover which companies are leading the charge in revenue, distributor recruitment, and market expansion, providing valuable insights for potential entrepreneurs and industry observers alike.

Rank Company Country Revenue 2023
1 Amway USA $7.70B
2 Natura &Co Brazil $5.30B
3 Herbalife Nutrition USA $5.10B
4 EXP Realty USA $4.30B
5 Vorwerk Germany $4.20B
6 PM-International Luxembourg $3.03B
7 Utility Warehouse United Kingdom $2.99B
8 Coway South Korea $2.90B
9 Primerica USA $2.81B
10 Sunrun USA $2.26B
11 Nu Skin USA $1.97B
12 ATOMY Co., Ltd. South Korea $1.71B
13 Vivint USA $1.70B
14 World Financial Group USA $1.30B
15 Optavia / Medifast Inc USA $1.10B
16 Ambit USA $1.09B
17 Betterware de Mexico Mexico $965M
18 USANA USA $921M
19 Oriflame Cosmetics Switzerland $811M
20 REAL Brokerage USA $689M
21 Omnilife Mexico $633M
22 Scentsy USA $579M
23 Hy Cite USA $570M
24 LegalShield USA $546M
25 Beachbody USA $527M
26 Family First Life USA $503M
27 Nature’s Sunshine USA $445M
28 Farmasi Turkey $440M
29 POLA Japan $433M
30 Plexus Worldwide USA $377M
31 MIKI Japan $371M
32 LifeWave USA $369M
33 Faberlic Russia $346M
34 Prüvit USA $336M
35 LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH Germany $302M
36 PHP Agency USA $300M
37 Princess House USA $299M
38 Pro-Partner Taiwan $269M
39 Noevir Japan $245M
40 Best World Lifestyle Singapore $228M
41 FORDAYS Japan $222M
42 APLGO Cyprus $220M
43 Naturally Plus Japan $218M
44 LifeVantage USA $211M
45 Hegemon Group USA $210M
46 inGroup International USA $205M
47 TENLEAD Biotech Taiwan $200M
48 Zinzino Sweden $168M
49 BearCere’Ju Japan $165M
50 ASEA USA $160M
51 Amare Global USA $159M
52 Vestige Marketing India $154M
53 Giffarine Skyline Unity Thailand $150M
54 Hinode Group Brazil $149M
55 Greenix Pest Control USA $140M
56 Mannatech USA $132M
57 Assuran Japan $127M
58 MARUKO Japan $121M
59 LuLaRoe USA $ 500M
60 Farmasi Turkey N/A
61 IM Master Academy USA N/A
62 New Age USA $ 0.08B
63 Rolmex China N/A
64 Golden Days China China N/A
65 Tiens China N/A
66 Le-Vel USA N/A
67 Thirty-One Gifts USA N/A
68 Omnilife Mexico $ 1.5B
69 Faberlic Russia N/A
70 New Image Group New Zealand N/A
71 Lux International Switzerland N/A
72 Cosway Malaysia N/A
73 Monat Global USA N/A
74 Pruvit USA N/A
75 Younique USA N/A
76 Modere USA N/A
77 BeautyCounter USA N/A
78 4Life USA N/A
79 Hy Cite Enterprises USA N/A
80 For Days Co. Japan N/A
81 Seacret Direct USA N/A
82 Stella & Dot USA N/A
83 Just International Switzerland N/A
84 Pure romance USA N/A
85 Vestige Marketing India $ 0.12B
86 Apollo China China N/A
87 Family Heritage Life USA N/A
88 Menard Cosmetics Japan N/A
89 Betterway Thailand N/A
90 Pampered Chef USA N/A
91 LR Health & Beauty Germany N/A
92 ModiCare India N/A
94 New U Life USA N/A
95 Noevir Japan N/A
96 Unicity USA N/A
97 Elken Malaysia N/A
98 Ariix USA $ 0.5B
99 Prowin international Germany N/A
100 Nature’s Sunshine USA $ 0.33B

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Wellness Nutrition: This sector consistently ranks high in MLM due to the ever-growing focus on healthy living. Companies like Natura & Co, a Brazilian giant focused on sustainable and natural beauty and personal care products, have witnessed impressive growth. Similarly, established names like Herbalife continue to expand their reach with targeted nutritional solutions. Even newer entrants like DoTerra, with their essential oil-based products, are making waves with a loyal customer base.

Tech-Enabled Network Marketing: The digital age has transformed how MLM companies operate. eXp Realty, a fast-growing real estate brokerage leveraging a cloud-based platform, exemplifies this trend. They empower agents through online tools and commission structures, attracting talent and driving growth. Established companies are also adapting. Amway, a long-standing leader in the industry, has embraced digital tools to enhance distributor communication and product sales.

Emerging Markets: The Asia-Pacific region is a hotbed for MLM growth. Companies like Young Living, with their essential oils and personal care products, have seen significant expansion in China and Southeast Asia.

Infinitus, a Chinese company focused on traditional Chinese medicine, is another major player. These companies cater to specific cultural preferences and leverage local networks for distribution, propelling their growth.

Beyond Products: Services Take Center Stage: Traditionally, MLM focused on physical products. However, companies offering services are gaining traction. Primerica, a financial services MLM, stands out by providing life insurance and investment products. Legal services are another area of growth, with companies like LegalShield offering subscription-based access to legal advice through a network of attorneys.




Products & Services: Health, Beauty & Home Care Products

Founders: Jay Van Andel, Richard DeVos


  • Ranked #1 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Winner of the 2022 Asia Pacific (APAC) Competitive Strategy Leadership Award
  • Amway Nutrilite and eSpring were voted as the Most Trusted Brands 2022

2.Natura & Co

Country: Brazil


Products & Services: Beauty Products, Household, Personal Care, Skin Care, Solar Filters, Cosmetics, Perfume & Hair Care Products

Founder: Antonio Luiz Seabra


  • Ranked #2 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Ranked one of 2022’s most ethical companies in the world by Ethisphere
  • Recognized as one among the Best for the World™ B Corps of 2022

3. Herbalife

Country: USA

Products & Services: Personal Care & Wellness, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics

Founder: Mark R. Hughes


  • Ranked #3 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Awardee of two Brandon Hall Group Gold Excellence in Technology Awards
  • Winner of the Excellence in Business Award by Direct Selling Association

4.EXP Realty

Country: USA


Products & Services: Real Estate

Founders: Glenn Darrel Sanford, Brian Culhane


  • Ranked #4 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Recognized as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2024
  • Winner of the Bravo Growth Award for the third consecutive year in 2022


Country: Germany


Products & Services: Household Appliances, Fitted Kitchens & Cosmetics

Founders: Carl & Adolf Vorwerk


  • Ranked #5 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Winner of the World-Famous UX Design Award 2022
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award in the Brands and Communication Design Category 2022

6.PM International

Country: Luxembourg


Products & Services: Food supplements, Cosmetics

Founder: Rolf Sorg


  • Ranked #6 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Received the International Bravo Growth Award 2024
  • Recognized for the Highest international growth in 2022


Country: South Korea


Products & Services: Water Care, Air Care, Body Care

Founder: Yoon Seok-Keum


  • Ranked #8 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Winner of CES 2024 Innovation Award
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award 2023


Country: USA


Products & Services: Home solar panels and battery storage

Founders: Lynn Jurich, Ed Fenster, Nat Kreamer


  • Ranked #10 in 2024 DSN Global 100
  • Over 25% year-over-year growth in solar energy capacity installed for both Q4 and full year 2022
  • Net earning assets increased by $487 million from the prior quarter, now at $5.6 billion, including $953 million in total cash

Size of Global Direct Selling Community from 2015 to 2022 by Region:

The global direct selling community has experienced significant regional shifts from 2015 to 2022. While established markets like the United States remained strong, the most explosive growth occurred in Asia-Pacific. This region, fueled by a growing middle class and increasing internet penetration, saw a surge in the number of independent representatives. Latin America also witnessed steady growth, capitalizing on a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of relationship-based sales. Europe, on the other hand, exhibited a more moderate increase, with regulations and consumer skepticism playing a role. This regional diversification highlights the evolving landscape of direct selling, where new markets are rapidly claiming a significant share of the global community.

Direct Selling Chart
[in Million]

Number of MLM Companies in Different Countries :

The landscape of MLM companies varies greatly depending on the region. North America has traditionally been a strong market for established players like Amway and Herbalife, while Asia-Pacific is witnessing a surge in interest, particularly for companies catering to traditional wellness practices and essential oil-based products. Europe has a more cautious approach to MLM, with stricter regulations and a focus on consumer protection. However, established companies with strong product lines are finding success by adapting their business models to comply with regional regulations.

Percentage Breakdown of Popular Products and Services in the Network Marketing Industry :

The network marketing industry boasts a diverse range of products and services, but certain categories consistently dominate. Wellness and nutrition products reign supreme, often exceeding 30% of global sales. Beauty and personal care follow closely behind, accounting for roughly a quarter of the market. Household goods and durables hold a steady share, while up-and-coming sectors like financial and legal services are carving a niche. Notably, the breakdown can vary geographically, with essential oils and traditional Chinese medicine showing significant growth in specific regions.

[in Percentage]

Net Revenue of MLM Industry by Regions Across World :

The global MLM industry’s net revenue boasts a geographically diverse landscape. While established regions like North America hold a significant share, the Asia-Pacific market is experiencing a growth surge. This can be attributed to factors like rising disposable incomes, a growing middle class, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit in these regions. Additionally, Latin America and some parts of Africa are showing promising signs of expansion, indicating a potential shift in the industry’s geographic powerhouses.

[in Billion]

Continent-wise analysis of the global direct selling salesforce and Retail Sales :

The global direct selling landscape showcases a fascinating regional distribution of salesforce and retail sales. Asia-Pacific currently leads the pack, boasting a large and engaged distributor base coupled with strong retail sales driven by a growing middle class and a cultural openness to relationship-based selling. North America remains a significant player with established MLM companies, while Europe exhibits a more cautious approach, with regulations and consumer preferences impacting growth. Latin America and Africa are emerging markets with promising potential, fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and a growing internet presence that facilitates direct selling models. Each continent presents unique opportunities and challenges, highlighting the dynamic nature of the global direct selling industry.

[Salesforce in Billion / Retail Sales in Million]

Distribution of People Working in Direct Selling Industry Worldwide by Gender :

The direct selling industry boasts a unique gender makeup. Studies suggest women consistently represent a significant majority of the global workforce in direct selling, often exceeding 60% in some regions. This trend can be attributed to several factors. The flexible hours and potential for remote work often align well with childcare and family commitments, making it attractive to many women. Additionally, the relationship-building aspect and emphasis on communication can resonate with female strengths in these areas. However, the industry is not without its share of men, who find success in sectors like financial services and wellness products. As the industry evolves, it will be interesting to see if the gender gap narrows or if the current distribution continues.

[in Percentage]


Q: What is an MLM company?

An MLM company, also known as a multi-level marketing company, uses a direct selling model where distributors sell products and recruit others to build their network. Distributors earn commissions on their own sales and the sales of their downline.

Q: What are some popular MLM industries?

MLM companies operate in a variety of industries, including:

  • Health and wellness (supplements, weight loss products)
  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Skincare
  • Essential oils
  • Household goods
  • Financial services

Q: What are some regulations around MLMs?

MLMs are legal in most countries, but there are regulations to prevent them from operating as pyramid schemes. These regulations vary by country.

Q: Is MLM a good fit for everyone?

MLM requires a lot of work, self-motivation, and social skills. It’s not a good fit for everyone, especially those who are risk-averse or dislike sales.

Q: How can I spot a potentially risky MLM?

Red flags include unrealistic income promises, emphasis on recruitment over product sales, pressure to buy expensive starter packs, and lack of focus on the actual product.

Q: Are MLMs more popular in certain countries?

Yes, MLMs tend to be more popular in countries with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, like China, India, and the United States.

Q: How can I compare different MLM companies?

Research the company’s history, product reviews, income disclosure statements, and any legal actions against them.

Q: Can successful MLM participants make a positive impact?

If done ethically, some MLM participants can build communities, empower others, and contribute to the economy through product sales.