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Top 10 tools for Network Marketing Business

In-Network Marketing Business Promotion the product/service is the backbone of the business. Specific Tools are included in MLM Software that can help a user manage the Direct Selling business and make it more productive. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 tools for Network Marketing Business to help the business reduce the manual efforts and automate the whole system.


1. Business Administrator  and Automation Tools

There are various back-office activities involved in Network Marketing Business. Performing each activity manually can be an arduous task. Business Administrator and Automation Tools can be a one-stop solution for this. It can ease the whole process of maintaining and managing the business. Let’s take a look at all the process that can be automated through this system

  • Tracking Leads

Tracking prospectus and generating leads through regular follow-ups is necessary for a Multi-level marketing business. By Automating Emails, Landing Pages, etc., this task is achieved.

  • Lead Conversion

Converting the acquired leads is the next step. This is achieved through the introduction of products and services and bringing the leads to a buying decision.

  • Commission Processing and Calculation

Commissions are calculated and processed daily, weekly, or monthly, reducing manual efforts and making it error-free.

  • Member management

Distributor management and movement in ranks are allocated automatically based on requirements.

  • Business Analysis

All Business analyses, including profit, growth, and improvements, are automatically analyzed.


2. Mobile Learning Tools

Mobile Learning Tools can be extremely useful for recruits. People might not prefer to sit in front of a large screen all through the day for learning. Mobile training tools can prove to be helpful in such cases.


3. Social Media Promotion Tools

Social Media plays a significant role in today’s world. It dramatically influences people and is the most accessible platform to promote your products and services.


4. Lead Capture Page

A Lead capture page is the most powerful tool in finding prospects and attracting more leads. A lead page usually contains a contact box and some valued information to fill in their details.


5. Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach a targeted audience. Email marketing is traditionally used in Direct Selling and is the best way to reach people. Email marketing tool helps in reducing the work and eliminates the need for manual labor in the method.


6. Self Replicated Website

Self Replicated website is an essential tool in Network Marketing Business. It is a comprehensive method for a user to manage their entire network efficiently.


7. Graphic Designing Tools

Graphic Designing Tools provides pre-built templates to create designs. Create Designs and share with a referral link to boost your Multi-level Marketing Business.


8. Automated Notifications

Notifications regarding the registration and related services are automatically generated. Notifications can be scheduled to be sent to preferred people during the crucial period. New registrations, event notifications, media updates, etc., can be automatically created and provided for the user.


9. Support Tickets

Company Support is required to manage any Multi-level Marketing Network. Support Tickets is the simplest way to answer queries and providing resolutions in real-time. Support Tickets help in providing a strong bond between the company and customer.


10. Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a software tool that can manage, create and modify digital content. A website’s content needs to be up to date and be able to be managed efficiently. A Network Marketing Website needs to provide sufficient information regarding the product /service of the seller. A Content Management System helps in managing the content and maintaining it Up-to-date.



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