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Karatbars : A Decisive Analysis

Karatbars is a trending name in MLM World. Karatbars has been gaining attention because they handle one of the most precious metals with emotional and cultural value in the world – GOLD. Gold as a metal has been known for 2,800 years and is globally accepted as a stable form of asset. Gold is considered in high regard as it is a non-perishable product and is inflation resistant. Unlike a currency system that fluctuates, gold tends to maintain its purchasing value.




What is Karatbars?

Karatbars International was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in the year 2011 by Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz. Karatbars specializes in selling small high purity gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. Karatbars contemplate the business as an Affiliate Commerce Program with 5 lakh distributors spread around the globe. Though the structure and payout system are reminiscent of an affiliate program, in an MLM company, one has to buy products from a company. But, on the other hand, Karatbars doesn’t require a member to buy their products or have no minimum monthly purchases. Thus, Karatbars lets you acquire real tangible assets and build a business at no cost.


What products does Karatbars sell?

Karatbars offers 24k, 999.9 per cent LBMA certified pure gold bullion, gold merchandising, collector’s item, gift cards etc. Products include both physical products such as Gold cards  called karatbars gold with small integrated fine gold bars of 1 gram and Digital products such as Karatpay, a transaction app. Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged at the headquarters of Karatbars International and shipped accordingly. The gold cards consist of trademark for quality and hologram stickers for security purposes. Classic cards are one of the most popular products of Karatbars. The company also provides limited edition cards which have gold nuggets embedded in them called Collector Karatbar.


How much does it cost to join Karatbars?

Karatbars doesn’t state any initial joining cost. Joining is free, but there are several compensation plans for customers to buy. The company provides different starter packages such as

  • Bronze :  $135
  • Silver :  $ 350
  • Gold :  $800
  • VIP Package :  $2000


Karatbars Compensation Package

karatbars compensation plans


Karatbars projects

karatbars projects


Is Karatbars a scam or a true MLM opportunity?

Karatbars is a company registered under World Trade Organization and has been in business since 2011. The company maintains rules and regulations and keep standards of gold Industry recommendations. Karatbars claims that they provide services in more than 140 countries with 800.000 affiliates around the world.


The major pros of Karatbars is that the business has no fees, no quotas and a very tangible line of products at a competitive price system. The con side includes quite diverse compensation plans that take a bit of time to understand, and the Shipping can be pricey.


Finally, Karatbars International is a genuine company with legitimate products but entering into any business requires careful research, so do your due diligence and pursue the step.





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