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Importance of Data Security in MLM Business

Are you concerned about the safety of your business?

Should we talk about Data Security in MLM Business?

Data Security is a trending topic in today’s world. Companies falling victim to data breaches had become a common incident nowadays. Every company possessing data is vulnerable to attacks in the cyberworld. Data Security is an important factor not just in Network marketing but in every business model. MLM and Data Security.

Multilevel marketing business handles a large amount of data. Every MLM Company stores and manages a large quantity of consumer data. Whenever a large amount of data is stored in plain format or when monetary transactions are done without adequate security measures, it opens up the platform for fraudulent activities. Therefore, MLM companies handling huge amounts of data should take extra care to ensure that their system meets mandatory security standards.

Security standards for an MLM Software

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption
  • PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • IP (Internet Protocol) blocking
  • DDoS- Denial Of Service
  • Encryption of Database
  • Encryption of Password
  • Backup-Database

SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption

SSL Encryption works as a protocol for enabling authenticated and encrypted links between computer networks. The SSL encryption binds together the identities of different entities such as two different websites, the web browser and webserver etc. SSL uses cryptography to create public and private keys to authenticate communication session between two parties and maintain the relationship between the pairs secure.

PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI DSS is a set of standards designed to ensure a secure monetary transaction environment for business that store, process, or transmit payment using a credit card.  PCI SSC is an independent organization created by major payment card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB to enable secure transaction over the internet. Although some basic standards apply to every user, some compliance requirements might also differ among service providers.

IP (Internet Protocol) blocking

Internet Protocol blocking is used to prevent connections between a group of IP addresses and a mail, web or Internet server. By Ip blocking, you can prevent any undesirable host from entering the nodes or server. In addition, IP blocking is usually used to block any further initiatives when data breaches are detected from a particular IP set.

DDoS- Denial Of Service

Denial of Service is not a security feature rather a form of attack used by intruders who enter the system. This temporarily blocks the customers from accessing the website. The hackers will introduce heavy illegal traffic flow to your website, which either slows down or blocks access to the website. Customized DDoS protection solutions can be included in your system to prevent any malicious activity related to DDoS.

Encryption of Database

A strong and Updated algorithm should be included in the MLM Software Solution to protect information stored in the database from external violation. Encryption is a basic procedure used to protect data, as even in the event of a breach, compromised data should only be accessible to users with encryption keys.

Encryption of Password

Encryption of passwords adds that additional layer of protection. Any character stored in plain format is prone to cyber attack; to prevent this, all passwords should be stored in the encrypted format, allowing access to authorized personals.


There are two requirements for a Backup database 1) To ensure the data will not be lost permanently in case of a beach or any other system failure 2) Backup’s can be used for analytics. Using backup data, businesses can track the trend of the change in data over some time. MLM business deals with many data such as distributors, commission payments, commission plan, user accounts etc. Therefore it is of utmost importance to make sure that the data is not permanently lost.

All the features mentioned above are imperative for a network marketing software. Ensure that your MLM Software is equipped with the compliances so that your data remains secure and structured.

So, how do you make sure that your system consist of all these features?