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10 Top MLM Leaders to Follow for Network Marketing Success

MLM/Network marketing is one of India’s leading industries today and has witnessed staggering growth and success in the last decade. As per the report published by KPMG, the network marketing industry’s turnover is expected to reach over 645 billion Indian rupees by the year 2025. There are a dozen of people who have already gone ahead and achieved success in the MLM world. Let’s take a look at the 10 Top MLM Leaders who is highly influential in the MLM world. 

The dearth in the conventional job market has paved the way for growth in self-employment opportunities in India. It is what has propelled the growth of the MLM industry. For many who are associated with the MLM industry, it has grown from becoming their subsidiary income to primary income.



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One of the primary reasons why the MLM industry has been growing at a rapid pace is because it demands little investment while offering huge returns. However, it does require patience, determination, honesty, and persistence to grow in this business. Network marketing is not for everybody, and it needs a set of skills that you may already possess or can develop it on the go through learning, experience, and hunger for growth.



One of the best ways to grow in the MLM business and acquire the necessary skill-set is to have a mentor or follow the industry’s footstep. It would guide you on developing a business plan that is conducive specifically to the MLM business and fill you in with the tips that accelerate the rate of your growth.?


In this article, we would introduce you to the top 10 MLM leaders to follow in 2019. Following their Network Marketing success stories would inspire you and help you stay on course no matter how rough it gets.


Sonu SharmaSonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is a multi-talented personality and one of the youngest and most successful network marketers in India’s direct selling industry. He is the founder of Dynamic India Group, which organizes seminars, webinars, and workshops to train people in different parts of the country. He is known for his network marketing skills and as a writer, motivational speaker, business consultant, thought leader, and educator. He is the face of Naswiz Retail Pvt. Ltd. Where he helped in multiplying the growth of the company and recently got associated with Vestige India.

With over 14 years of experience in the MLM industry, the business skills and knowledge of Sonu Sharma has helped many companies and organizations to restructure their business and marketing strategy to achieve their financial goals. With more than half a million people have attended his webinars and seminars in the last few years, he is the most followed MLM leader in the industry today. Many of the books he has written are available online and are sure to guide you in your journey to achieve network marketing success in the industry.


Chetan HandaChetan Handa

Chetan Handa is another famous marketer in the MLM industry of India. The family’s financial difficulties forced him to start working at an early age to support his family. However, it didn’t stop him from achieving his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He co-founded Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. in 2003 after he noticed the surge in India’s networking marketing industry. Chetan Handa developed a highly successful MLM business model and gathered a great team to take the business to India’s nooks and corners. It has helped him and his company be amongst the highest earners and revenue-generating companies in India, respectively.


Harshvardhan JainHarshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan Jain has become a well-known face in the MLM industry since the time he started in this field around the year 2000. He has inspired and reached out to more than six lakhs fellow network marketers and salespeople in different MLM companies. The sales techniques and methodologies used and taught by Harshvardhan Jain have been prevalent among his followers as it has helped them take their MLM business to new heights. His teachings are a mix of experiential learning, activity-based workshops, classroom training, webinars, motivational speaking, and individual reviews. Direct selling is all about planning and innovation, and Harshvarsdhan Jain has combined these two attributes to develop marketing strategies that get results. It is what has made him one of India’s leading motivational speakers and network marketers.


Sanjay Singh RajputSanjay Singh Rajput

Founder of AMBL, Academy of Marketing and Business Leadership, Sanjay Singh Rajput has been associated with the MLM Industry for nearly two decades now. The network marketing success he has achieved in his career as a marketer is awe-inspiring and has helped many young marketers achieve their dreams by following their footsteps. As a successful business coach, consultant, and network marketer, Sanjay Singh Rajput offers training programs through his academy via numerous mediums. It ensures that today’s marketers have the tools, knowledge, and skills to devise actionable marketing strategies. It empowers the network marketers to identify marketing opportunities and develop a strategic plan that aligns with these opportunities.


Siddharth SinghSiddharth Singh

Siddharth Singh is one of the top-most earners in the MLM industry of India. As the highest earner at Vestige, which is one of the biggest MLM companies in India, Siddharth Singh started his career journey in the MLM industry while still in college at the age of 21. In the beginning, he suffered many setbacks and found it difficult even to make ends meet. However, it is the perseverance and passion for direct selling that helped him continue with multi-level marketing. Associating with Vestige changed his life forever and is currently at the top tier of the company’s MLM business. Now, his monthly income from MLM business gets him over 3 million Indian rupees. Following his footsteps and training has helped many marketers to replicate his network marketing success.


Deepak BhambriDeepak Bhambri

Deepak is the crown ambassador at Naswiz Retails, one of the top MLM companies in India. More than half a million people are associated with Deepak Bhambri through his training programs, MLM plans, and through his seminars on business success, marketing, and MLM. The ability to reach out to people and provide them training in direct sales from scratch has helped Deepak gain the kind of popularity he enjoys today in MLM. He holds seminars, webinars, and training workshops in different parts of India regularly to reach out to more people and help them realize their dreams through the power of network marketing.


Deepak BajajDeepak Bajaj

Deepak Bajaj has been actively involved in the MLM industry for over a decade and currently is one of the top promoters for Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. He is an author, business coach, motivational speaker, thought leader, life coach, MLM leader, and network marketer. Deepak Bajaj joined a multi-national company after completing an MBA from a reputed university.However, he left the job soon after to pursue a full-time career in the MLM industry. After years of achieving MLM/network marketing success and gaining a massive following in India’s network marketing field, he authored a book named “Be a Network Marketing Millionaire” in the year 2018. He uses various social media channels to keep his followers updated with the MLM industry’s latest trends and his tips and strategies related to MLM.


Gautam BaliGautam Bali

Gautam Bali is the co-founder of one of the fastest-growing and hugely successful MLM companies in India, Vestige Marketing Private Limited. He is known as the company’s backbone and in many seminars and training workshops hosted by Vestige, Gautam Bali shares his struggles and life experiences with the audience. Gautam doesn’t only focus on infusing the participant with business strategies and motivation but also entrepreneurial qualities in his motivational speeches. He believes that it is the entrepreneurial qualities in a network marketer that helps him or her to break the norms and reach the infinite possibilities that the MLM business offers.


SP BharilSP Bharill

SP Bharill started his journey into the MLM world as a direct-seller for Amway, a globally leading health and wellness MLM company. After achieving MLM/network marketing success with Amway and gathering considerable experience in the MLM industry, he switched to working for Vestige, where he is currently working as a top-tier promoter. Not only is he a well-known and successful marketer, but also a motivational speaker, business coach, life coach, and author. One of the top books in multi-level marketing named “18 Chapters” is written by SP Bharill.


Surendra VatsSurendra Vats

Surendra Vats is a diamond-level promoter at a leading MLM company named RCM in India. Coming from a low-income family, Surendra Vats had to struggle hard to achieve the MLM/network marketing success he enjoys today. In many of the seminars and training workshops he regularly organizes, he shares his life experiences and career journey to inspire fellow marketers. It is the principles of perseverance and sticking to the plan is what he infuses in his team and fellow marketers through his training programs and motivational speeches. The initiatives he has taken to reach out to famous network marketers and prospective network marketers through his YouTube channel are widely appreciated in India’s MLM industry.


How to Get Success in Network Marketing

Achieving success in the MLM/network marketing business is not easy, and it does take time, effort, and patience to learn the skills, adapt to the business methodologies and develop a network that you can rely on. Following the footsteps of a few of the top network marketers in India today, as mentioned above, can help you kick-start your MLM business in the right direction or guide you in propelling your business to the next level if you are already associated with the MLM business.