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Top 10 MLM companies in the USA

Since the pandemic hit, people have been looking for new and better occupational opportunities than traditional ones. One industry, in particular, that has seen a tremendous increase is MLM or network marketing. MLM is an enterprise method that corporations use to increase income streams. In a multilevel marketing company, individuals are required to do two jobs.

One is to sell products and services of the company and the other to recruit new representatives for the company. The recruiters will make income from both selling the merchandise and recruiting representatives. The major pros of the MLM is that it offers pleasant earnings and provides an opportunity to work in a location of your choice.



With 35.2 billion dollars in revenue yearly the US leads the direct selling market in the world. Here is a representation of the network marketing revenue distribution of top 5 countries in the world.

mlm world revenue distribution

* Average Revenue Distribution of Top 5 countries


Multilevel marketing has allowed companies of all sizes in the United States to discover success in their industries and, in doing so, has helped in employing thousands of Americans. The pinnacle network marketing companies in the USA, such as Amway, Avon, and Herbalife, have outlived many of their competitors, making billions of dollars in revenue. MLM businesses across the USA generated $40.1 billion in income in 2020, increasing by 13.9% from the preceding year, with 7.7 million U.S. entrepreneurs promoting direct sales business models part-time or full-time.

top mlm companies in the USA

* Top 10 Direct selling companies in the US/Annual Income in (Billions)(USD)



This list highlights the top 10 most successful MLM companies across USA with their Annual revenue generation and growth rate.

# Name Year Founded Country/Head Quarters Annual Income (in USD) Growth Rate
1 Amway 1959 USA
8.80 +2 Health, Beauty & Home care
2 Herbalife 1980 USA
5.50 +13.6 Nutrition & weight control products
3 Avon Nu Skin USA
( New York)
3.60 +23.89 Beauty, Household & personal care
4 Mary Kay Inc 1963  USA
3.0 -16.7 Cosmetics & personal care products
5 Nu Skin 1984 USA
2.58 +7.0 Personal care products and dietary supplements
6 Melaleuca 1985 USA
2.78 +8.0 Healthcare, Homecare and other wellness products
7 Primerica 1977 USA
2.2 +8.0 Insurance and financial services
8 Tupperware 1948 USA
1.74 -3.0 kitchen and home products
9 Rodan and Fields 2002 USA
1.58 +5.0 skin care products
10 Jeunesse 2009 USA
1.35 +17.0 Personal care, home care and other wellness products


From financial services to health products, a multilevel marketing model is adopted by industries of all niches. Take a look at the top sales percentage of top selling products in MLM. Wellness  products are most in demand

mlm sales by product category

* Sales by product category

For anyone who is thinking about Network marketing but is not sure about the direct selling market, the article attempts to define the statistics of some world-renowned companies running successfully in the MLM business model and earning billions in revenue that operates in the USA.