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Network Marketing Business: Top 5 Questions and Answers

If you are thinking about joining a Network Marketing Business, you will have tons of questions on your mind!

Multilevel marketing is a fascinating but controversial business model for sure. So through this blog, let’s try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about multilevel marketing.



1)How does one get paid?

In the Multilevel marketing business model, distributors earn income basically in two ways,

  • By selling the product or service of a company
  • By creating a network of people and earning a commission for the products sold by the members of the team.

However, each MLM company employs different compensation plans, and the specifics can vary according to the plans.

2) Isn’t it the same as the Pyramid scheme?

No, The Key difference between a Network Marketing Business and Pyramid scheme is that you get paid for simply recruiting people into the team in the latter. On the other hand, Direct selling businesses pay a person for selling their products or services. There is no valid products or services included in a pyramid scheme, and this kind of business model is illegal in most countries.

3)Does this require a lot of sales work and achieving targets?

In MLM, more than working as a salesperson, its about sharing information about a product that leads to sales. Most companies have sales targets on their products and services, and the target rate depends on the company and its compensation plan.

4)Is there a very low success rate?

Unlike the traditional business models MLM industry is easy to get into; without any prior experience, any inventory, and not understanding the struggles of running a business, people think it is a get-rich-quick scheme. When they are not successful within months, they quit calling it a loss. MLM, like any other business model, requires persistence and patience to become successful and make money.

5)Will I be able to make money?

In a direct selling business, all the initial necessities of starting a business, such as legal aspects, website, product development, branding, etc., are taken care of, which allows the entrepreneur to focus solely on marketing. So, you can focus all of your efforts on selling the product. If you are consistent in that and work at it, you will earn money and develop a profitable business without any initial investments.

An extra piece of information: Mentorships are key to success in the Direct selling business! Find a person who has been around longer in the business and help you get off your feet. Learn the system from these people. Learning to build relationships is how you succeed in Network marketing.


It’s true that several scams exist in this industry like anywhere else, so you must do your research and make sure that you are getting involved with a legitimate business. In this business model, you are the boss and employee. Take advantage of the opportunity!